Disappointment .. 失望

Slept in after a very eventful Friday. And ‘lazed’ the entire afternoon watching videos on YouTube, PPTV & surfing on my iPad ……

心情不好啦!Just feel the disappointment & the unhappiness simmering within me after a few ‘setbacks’ & ‘hiccups’ …… Bottom line, it’s not the amount of GR that is the issue but knowing that your effort has sort of ‘gone’ down the drain all thanks to a 3rd party who in my opinion ‘messed’ things up …… This feeling obviously sucks lah!

And being up super early yesterday with lesser sleep than normal sure made me more cranky than normal …. since work is the main thing that put me in such a bad mood, did not touch any work at all this afternoon ……

Guess the last thing I need to recover from this lousy feeling is a much much needed workout at the gym tomorrow ….

OK going to watch another movie online now ……


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