Disappointment …… Again & Re-Evaluation

Once again experienced something disappointing over the long weekend pertaining to a client & their specific planning matters ……

Whilst client objections & rejections are common-a-place in my line of work, I suppose the crux of the matter lies in the manner which client behaved that upset me a fair bit (enough to make me call off my 2nd appointment on Friday afternoon) …… I sacrificed my personal time on a public holiday to see clients at their convenience, BUT NOT to be taken for granted and 受气!If you were to add in the time and effort spent on preparation (which includes the initial 1st meeting and all the subsequent follow-up over email), you will understand why I feel so frustrated/under-appreciated/taken for granted after the meeting ……

Always believe it is better to be straightfoward what you like/dislike …. want/not want …. as versus to totally avoiding the question by walking away/keeping silent. I understand also that at times, some people may be too ‘paiseh’ to voice out certain stuff, hence the avoidance. But as we all know, it may be better to voice things out, rather than keep the other party guessing (and causing un-necessary self doubt/un-easiness in the process) which is just as bad, if not worse for mental health!

Apart from case size, another key factor that I consider when valuing my top 20-30% ‘Class A’ clients (pareto principle) is also the trust and confidence and level of interaction/relationship/experience that I have with the client. Upon hindsight, this is not the 1st time that said client behaved in such a manner (yes,similar instances had happened for past proposals as well but I have shrugged them off) …. Am I ‘blind’? Maybe, on account of friendship I did let some instances slide over, so all the more, this incident has ‘woken’ me up to said person’s ‘true nature’ and reinforced why some people are simply the way they are … which spills over to the kind of decisions made etc.

Timely reminder to re-evaluate how I am going to handle this professional/business relationship going foward …… I have also learnt that as much the people around you may mean well with some well-meaning advice/reminder/opinion, end of the day you must still trust your instinct (when logically your brain/subconscious mind starts to give you warning signals).  A person’s intution/gut feel must never be ignored, no matter how!


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