June Week 1: Friday Lunch

Usually like to have a ‘nicer’ lunch on a Friday 😛

Since I decided to ‘haul’ myself to office to try and get some work done (as versus to taking the day off as originally planned) & pick up documents as well …… Planned to have pasta or fish soup (at Beach Road) originally but with the hassle of changing buses, decided to just eat at Bugis instead ……

Walked along Liang Seah Street and decided on Korean for lunch. Had the lunch set at my semi-regular haunt – Arirang Korean Restaurant ….. Most importantly a filling lunch with soup and rice, and air-con (very hot day)!

Instead of my usual Kimchi Chigae/Kimchi Seafood Soup set, decided to try out the Bean Paste Soup set instead (after a preview of it during buffet dinner @ the same restaurant just 2 weeks back) …… While it is non-spicy, however it is mainly tofu and vegetables, although the waiter claimed that there were clams in the soup (but did not see any) …… However it was still a filling lunch thanks to the usual staple of korean side dishes (one of the best parts of an korean meal) despite feeling almost vegetarian-like, hee!


Note: Edited my lunch photos using the PhotoStudioHD on my iPad for a slightly different feel as versus to the usual effects you would get on Instagram & stiched the pictures together using Moldiv on iPad (very handy app)


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