Food Mission: Doutor Coffee @ MBFC Tower 3

Starting up a blog entry right in the thick of having my afternoon tea (although the free wireless ain’t working) 😛

Not in a very good mood since yesterday due to wisdom tooth induced headache and so decided to be out of office today instead …… Got a form signed (missed out during last meeting with client) and went down to NTUC Income to despatch it direct (together with my own application) …… It was 4+ when all was done, instead of heading to Bras Basah Popular as originally planned, decided why not enjoy a leisurely afternoon tea since time permits (rare occasion) ……

There were 3 direct buses (106, 131, 167) that would bring me to Raffles Place / Marina Bay Area from the bus stop at NTUC Income Centre, and bingo, Bus 106 came quickly and this was the very bus that will bring me right into Marina Bay / MBFC – my intended destination!

Why have coffee right smack in CBD? As part of my 2013 goals and resolutions, I have set up a new project for food reviews aka Food Mission. Have been a tad too distracted to properly blog about it but generally, the focus is on checking out new and interesting places. So far, the focus has been mainly on Japanese food (as a result of my trip to Japan) 😛 ……

Which brings me back to Doutor Coffee @ MBFC. Having had Doutor back in Tokyo, was curious to check out its Singapore counterpart – with its one and only branch at MBFC.

Whilst Doutor is well-known for its milie crepe, however upon walking into the outlet, I did not see any at all in the cake counter. If anything, pretty limited selection of cakes ……


Otherwise, it does have a very chic decor, with that down to earth Japanese feel down pat ….


Elected to have a coffee + cheese soufflé ……


This is Doutor’s signature freshly brewed coffee …… Unlike my usual thick Kopi-O Yakun style, this Japanese style coffee is a lot less thicker, yet the unique part of it is that it still retains that mild fragrance ……


Googled out another review here which is a lot more in depth, as well as a Straits Times write-up I found online about Japanese coffee chains making their inroads into Singapore ……

To sum up my review, still can’t compare to the original back in Tokyo in terms of both variety, cost & quality …… That aside, was a good experience sitting down for a leisurely afternoon break as I seriously need a break from office (and maybe work) as well!

Will try out breakfast the next time round once the office move is completed (will be nearer in the future) ……


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