Renewed Motivation & Holiday Planning

Have been feeling a bit low & a lack of motivation for this past 1+ week or so …. And the haze & disruptive-ness of office moving does not help matters either ……

So I need a new goal to motivate myself to get going again ….. And what’s better than starting to plan for my next holiday – Japan Part 2! Finally got down to proper research last night – a before bedtime activity that is totally non-work related apart from watching dramas/variety show …… and something I know I enjoy putting together 😛

Specifically this time round, am targeting an autumn trip (around mid to late Nov) in time to see the autumn leaves …… And having covered Tokyo, Yokohama, Hakone in my last trip – this time round would be focusing more on Kansai i.e Eastern Japan, namely major cities like Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe ….. Looking around 10 to 14 days this time round, so that I’ll have another 2-3 days to spend in Tokyo and cover some of the places that I didn’t go the last trip – namely Ueno ……

Am so looking forward to this


Gorgeous night view of Kobe …. Took this photo off Visit Japan FB page ….


Recycled one of the old diaries as a new notebook for this year’s trip research 🙂

Rather than ending off with ‘hope to make it happen’ …… I would rather say – It will happen!


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