Holiday Planning Update

After my last entry, and 1 week+ of research later (which sure felt like a long time) ….. This is my progress ……


More or less covered in point form (based mainly on Japan Guide, JapanTourist websites + a few other travel blogs, TIME, CNN) the areas that I want to cover (Kansai Region) and some of the must-visit places (will trim it down eventually when coming to actual itinerary planning) …… As with Japan, mind-boggling array of rail and bus passes available for tourists, but will go into details on that when I plan detailed itinerary later on ……

With more or less a rough plan – 10 to 14 days, Kansai Region or Kansai-Tokyo (preferred option so that I have 2-3 days to do some side trips in Tokyo that I wasn’t able to do in the last trip), the next most important thing to do (rather than reading up more and more, over-researching in the process) is to secure plane tickets and map out a rough budget. This time round, with early planning, hope to secure promotional tickets at good prices (so that can stretch my money better for great food esp. Kobe Beef) …. So far no good rates for full service airlines yet so may be open to looking at AirAsia (read good reviews about the transit at KLUA, they currently have a promo till 7th July) …… Target to get this done by July/Early August!

Before I end off this video, a beautiful (sugoi) time lapse video courtesy of the official youtube of Kobe


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