Food Mission: Ramen Santouka @ Central

To bracktrack a bit from my last Food Mission entry, this is a new food reviews project that was inspired by my trip to Japan back in December 2012.

The very 1st item I tried back in January (yes, more than 6 months ago) was the ramen at Ramen Santouka (was on a frentic ramen craze!). This came highly recommended by MS who mentioned that the chefs behind the kitchen are Japanese – hence should be more authentic than most outlets in Singapore.

Here it goes ……

Found the outlet at the corner of The Central (shopping mall beside Clarke Quay MRT) and took a corner seat by the window. Was greeted by a bright sunny view of the Singapore River!


Pretty small outlet, but very cosy and lack of crowd for a Saturday afternoon (around 3pm) ……


As I already had my lunch and this was more on random greedy whim 😛 …… Opted for a small portion of their Miso Ramen (soybean paste flavor pork broth) as versus to their signature pork cheek ramen (on 2nd thought, really should have tried that instead) ……

Ramen Santouka 2013

Wow! The broth is really thick and flavourful and the noodle (slightly thicker) is very chewy and springy without being too overcooked. Despite the small size/portion, the char shu / pork is tender and flavourful and not as small a size as the pictures seem to indicate 😛

On a whim as well, ordered the Hokkaido Cheese Cake Special to try as well ….


Turns out it is just a small piece of cheese cake that cost me about $3-4. Could have topped up a few more dollars for a proper cake instead!

Hence I would conclude this is pretty much on standard as versus to the ramen that I had in Tokyo *thumbs up* , and definitely one of the best that I had in Singapore (Ippudo and Keisuke Tokyo comes close as well) …… Only realised later this was recommended on Daniel’s Food Diary as one of the must-eats in Tokyo – right in the heart of Shinjuku (where our hotel was). Basically there are so many good ramen shops in Japan that its hard to try all lah ……

More reviews of Santouka can be found at LadyIronChef, ieatishootipost and Daniel’s Food Diary ……..


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