Doing some random FB surfing on the go (on the way to Bras Brasah for training now) and came across the following quotes ……


In simple English terms, this means that the choices that you make today will decide your fate of tomorrow. So your choice is more significant than your effort. To further add on, this does not mean you don’t make effort, still need to work hard! However, it is also not wrong to say that choice is a prelude to future consequences. When we make good and correct choices, we will take the correct and necessary actions leading to positive outcome. As mentioned by provider A during yesterday’s goal setting, it is what we ‘want’ …… and not what we ‘should’ or ‘think’ ……

Another one:

Complaining becomes a habit. Focusing on the negative also becomes a habit. It’s one of the most detrimental habits you can possibly have. It can negatively impact you socially, affecting your personal happiness, but it can also subconsciously sabotage your money and success.

Thus make it a habit to focus on the positive as what we focus on is what we get. From time to time, reflect and revise as necessary ……


2 days in a row early start. Hope to maintain this 🙂

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