Long Weekend In A Whizz

A very rare long long weekend just flew by, with 2 PH back to back (Hari Raya Puasa on the 8th & National Day on the 9th) …. followed by Sat & Sun, which makes it a 4 day long weekend (almost feels like a work week itself), ha!

To recap backwards slightly, chose to get my right wisdom tooth done on 2nd Aug (Friday) – which meant the next 4 to 5 days was on MC/rest …. and only got back to work on Tuesday, before long weekend beckoned again!

Long weekend would’ve been the perfect time to plan a short trip …. but did not have plans for that (due to wisdom tooth removal) …… Also good for catching up with clients/prospects, but due to my break for wisdom tooth removal, didn’t manage to have that set up. So decided to make full use of this downtime to get some personal projects done up, notably

1. Draft Budget For My Nov Holiday & Firming Air Tickets
2. Annual Personal Financial Review & Update (also a way to re-acquainte myself with the financial planning software again)
3. Investment Overview & Update (For the investment side of my business)
4. Catch Up On My Movies/Drama/Variety Show backlog

On top of that, had tickets to catch NDP live this year & a family gathering yesterday (Sunday) ….. So still a busy long weekend after all!

And in the end, only got to do 1 & a little bit of 4 …. Whole of Friday was burnt heading out for NDP at Marina Bay Floating Bay (out of the house at 2, reached ard 3, got in the quene at 4, show started at 5, ended at 8+, reached home at 10. Feels like such a long day indeed) ….. Slept in on Sat, out on Sunday as well to aunt’s place …… Did manage to archive up some articles and cleared a couple of old newspaper cuttings in the process 😛

Ended up with zero workout (wanted to finish up the meds before kickstart again, but didn’t manage to do so over the long weekend) ….. And totally missed my daily goals/activity setting on my Wunderlist app – which may seem very minor but after building the habit of updating on my daily MRT journey every morning, has a role to play in helping me keep to my daily goals 😀 …. Will be resumed full swing as we are now back to work!


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