Saturday Musings Part 1: Some Fengshui Tips … Hmm

Despite the title, this is not so much a blog about my thoughts on fengshui.

Rather, I came across Lynn Yap’s entry a few days ago and felt a strong resonance with the topic – do you set a goal or target for yourself?

This is very relevant to myself and my daily work/life. To extract specifically from her entry, these few paragraphs really strike a chord with me, thus logging it down here:

Personally, I don’t set any but I do have a certain sales target that I need to achieve in a month. I set reasonable and achievable targets for myself and as like I said, I am only answerable to myself and to my own pocket.

After setting a big plan, now plan monthly then plan weekly and then daily. work and work till you earn your first million, net worth for one. Then plan and go higher till when you wake up, you found yourself at 55 or even 60 then count…….what is your net worth. Hmm……a couple of millions and very comfortable, then tell yourself, you have done yourself proud and well.
It’s your narrow mindset that sets borders for you and then limit how much you can achieve in your life time.

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