Saturday Musings Part 2: Reasons To Be Thankful

Only managed to start on this on a Sunday morning (0115 hrs) but its ok 😛

Yesterday or rather Friday was pretty much a DOWN day! Went into office after a delicious fish soup lunch at Amoy, only to find out to my shock and ‘horror’ that the entire network is down! It is not just internet access, but also extends to printing facilities (as printer is linked via network) and telephone lines (network linked as well) ….. Heard from CP that network services were down as early as Thurs evening, however the official annoucement via email only was in at 3+pm. How nice right? …… Furthermore, the official corporate annoucement worded it as ‘facing some challenges’ …. my friend – having the entire network from internet to printing to phone lines totally down is way different from facing some challenges. People should be honest and upfront about problems and not pull any bullshit!

For my case, I lugged my laptop to office to pick up forms + prepare for Sat & Mon meetings, only to experience this bottleneck.  Definitely if I was informed earlier about this operational delay, I would have just made a short trip, sans laptop,and head back to work from home. It doesn’t make sense to travel 1.5 hours to and fro only to use my 3G to access internet …… So had dinner, and started my preparation and back-up plan of loading the info needed into my Dropbox from 930 all the way till 1+! This is un-necessary if operations had done the right thing of keeping us updated asap! Which means I have to dig out time in the rest of the weekend to follow-up via email on the summary discussion this morning (Sat) …. and I still need to prepare my Mon appointment! Sighz …… Can only pray the network will be back up on Mon, otherwise have to cancel the appt!!!

Enought of ranting and complaining. Despite the above major frustration/obstacle, still thankful for other good stuff that happened, hence this blog entry to remind myself to always be grateful 🙂

1.  Finally firmed and booked my Nov trip tickets. Despite having problems with Cathay Pacific website (couldn’t access it properly on my iPad due to network issues), I managed to do it at the flights I wanted over the phone, with reservation charge waived as the scroll down field didn’t work on my ipad. The customer service officer was really nice to accept my explaination and waived the $50 phone booking charge.  If anything, it is a welcome reminder to do the exemplary thing and go the extra mile for myself and my work 🙂 … Will email a nice feedback letter shortly

2.  Received the final bill for my Wisdom Surgery @ KTPH on 2nd August and I was charged only $400+ (the senior consultant extracted one tooth and did LA surgery on the other so only surgicial fee for 1 tooth was charged). Net savings of $200+ (although its all medisave). Nice surprise!

** These 2 items did put me in a better mood and I was able to focus on my work after dinner yesterday without sucuumbing to the temptation of watching dramas/shows/movies on my iPad 😛

3.  Morning appointment went well despite having to cab to Holland V (took a long time to pack and left house late). Best takeway is that I initially thought the client was ‘anti-insurance’ but he was more receptive than I thought when I presented to him the long-term care / eldershield supplement. Point to note to self – instead of going on and on about product, just spent 10 min explaining concept and another 10 min telling a story!

4.  Chanced upon Provence (newly opened in Holland V). New discovery!

5.  Satisfied my Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee craving at Clementi Food Centre

6.  Had to stay in Japan for one more day and return only on 25th Nov due to no tickets available for 24th. Was fretting about what to do with the extra day until I realised that I can use the extra day to visit DisneySea or One of the Fuji 5-Lakes (Kawaguicho most likely) or even Yamanashi for more autumn spots viewing. Furthermore, the JR Kanto Pass will fit my plans perfectly. Yahoo!

7.  Started researching Tokyo hotels on agoda (have a firm idea on Osaka hotel already) to get best deals, agoda rates not so attractive leh!  Found a good direct rate promo for one Odaiba hotel (higher end) and chanced upon this link on Travel CNN that highlights some good hotels for my consideration – …. Saves me the trouble of over-researching. heh!

8.  Sent out 2 work-related emails after dinner. Information request (before it slips my mind) and a strongly-wooded ‘feedback’ email on some operational issues 😛

9.  Had a sort of epiphany after sharing a photo on FB – You have to do what is right for you. So sent another strongly worded email and ratted someone out for his/her crap behaviour.

10.  Enjoying a nice cover version of 最後の雨 by one of my favourite JPop singers – EXILE’s ATSHUSHI on youtube

Happy Sunday everyone!



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