Reminiscing: Jacky Cheung 1/2 Century World Tour 27th August 2011

As I was typing out the blog title, turns out it is just a difference of 2 years (+ 1 day) from when I watched this concert LIVE!! And still remember cabbing home from Plaza Singapura after the last train stopped at Dohby Guat MRT ……

As blogged previously, have pretty much abandoned KPop and back to listening to old school Cantopop, particularly the 90s songs which was pretty much the golden era. Cantopop flows more smoothly especially when I am working in the office ……

In addition to my previous round-up entry here, very recently have started to hunt for above live cams of the concert on YT as I really treasure this piece of memory. Furthermore, this was definitely one of the VERY BEST concerts (out of the meagre 4 to 5 concerts) that I have ever watched in my lifetime …… and in a way, has set a very high benchmark in terms of repertoire, performance, creativity and professionalism as well as future concerts are to go! 😛

Anyway, whilst tracking back on some of the songs performed in the concert, I sort of re-discovered this song – 你是我今生唯一的传奇

The above YT concert link is actually part of the 1st act – which is the musical about falling in love and sort of living happily (and not happily after all). Unlike Jacky’s classic ballads such as 吻別, 每天愛你多一些, 只想一生跟你走…… this song may be lesser known to those more familar with his mandarin work, but nevertheless very refreshing change as it has a very relaxing beat, and very dreamy and romantic at the same time. The literal English translation is “You Are The Wonderment Of My Life” …. Hehe

Then I realised that the below picture that I took during the concert itself (in 2011 entry as well) as part of this song! Amazing right!! If only I had a better camera and/or used my iPhone to capture this moment instead …. Ahhhhh


For the HK concerts, based on what I saw from YT, they actually have Jacky & the dancer sitting on the bench that swings across the background – which in my view the effect is better. Guess they have to change it to static bench for the Singapore and Malaysian concerts for logistic and safety reasons.

Since Singaporeans did not get a series of encore concerts (but he did perform 5 sold out shows in year 2011 itself – very unprecedented record that will not be broken in a long while, considering that despite the hype of KPop, many of the KPop concerts here are not even sold out) ….. that reminds me, gotta get my hands on the DVD soon!

Some news of the DVD here:


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