Opening Up Your Mind

Back from another blogging hiatus (2 weeks) …. Somehow was not in the mood to write and/or start anything. Last week was bad, struggling greatly with bio-clock, which affected my moods and productivity at work, sigh ……

So it was a major major goal to simply just work on my sleep and waking up pattern, in an effort to bring it back to more ‘normal’ levels 🙂

To a certain extent, it is working well. Energy levels have been much better in the course of the week. With the exception of Monday (2nd Monday of the month is PPI – more on that later) ….. today is the earliest that I have left house (1115) without all that dily-dalying, should reach office around 12 and made plans to lunch with J today as well ……

Back to my intended topic of opening up your mind. A result of some thinking/reflection and to a certain extend epiphany experienced once again!

As per usual modules operati, ended up cabbing to office for PPI. PPI is a focus group where we get together every 2nd Mon of the month to share some sales and product ideas. Usually will end up spending some $$ on cab in order not to reach office too late for PPI – as versus to taking MRT ……

The cab fare to OUE Downtown Core 2 (formerly DBS Tower 2) is around $16 – $3 lesser than cabbing to Gateway East in the past, journey takes around 25min (boarded around 950, reached around 1015) as versus to 45min on the crawling MRT 😛

I consider it $$ well spent in return for knowledge and new insights gained (as versus to taking cab for frivolous stuff such as hating to squeeze in MRT despite not having to rush). For this month (September) – the topics up for discussion were SRS and Term Insurance Plans.

My blog here is not so much about the specifics of knowledge gained/re-learned. Many a time, we often fall into the complacency that we think we know it all / have the knowledge at our fingertips, thus not necessary to attend any more focus groups/trainings to learn more. However after my experience on Monday, this is definitely far from true as Monday’s session have actually opened me up to new ideas and new sales concepts ….. It is not that I didn’t know beforehand, but sometimes we lapse into the not-so-good habit of closing off our mind to ideas and concepts worth a look 🙂

Once again I’m reminded (in a good way) the importance of being humble, and open to learning. When we take a small little step back and let go of our inhibitions/mis-givings, it is amazing how having an open mind leads to new knowledge and ideas gained to be put into practice …… Similarly, I will strive to translate this important value to my clients, especially those stubborn ones who already have a fixed mindset and who are often perpetually in denial, well …… Patience Patience!


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