Food Mission: Tonkatsu @ Yayoiken Restaurant

Catching up on some back-dated food reviews while on the MRT ride home, and also to make up for the lack of Sept entries 😛

As part of my year 2013 blogging goals/project, food reviews to discover new eating places, as inspired by the food I ate in my Japan trip 🙂

After ramen, next up was Tonkatsu! Hardly ate tonkatsu back in Singapore (with the exception of the occasional tonkatsu sandwich from Romankan Yokohama @ Takashimaya B2 Food Hall) until my Japan trip which opened up my ‘world’ of tonkatsu, heh!

First & foremost, what is tonkatsu?

As per Wikipedia entry, tonkatsu is a Japanese food that is essentially beaded, deep fried pork cutlet. It is commonly served with cabbage and rice, although there are variations to it – with ramen, soba, sandwich form etc.

Believe this happened in late January/early February before CNY ……

The craving for tonkatsu got so strong that I ended up googling and checking out ladyironchef for recommended tonkatsu places! Knew of Ginza Barin @ ION Orchard, as well as Ma Maison @ Mandarin Gallery …… Initially decided on trying Saboten @ Millenia Walk, but find it as a hassle to even walk there from Gateway at that time (Ophir Flyover construction not yet finished) …. so decided to try out another recommendation from ladyironchef instead – Yayoiken Restaurant. And just as well that there was an outlet at the revamped Bugis+ (one bridge across from Bugis Junction) which is so much more convenient & hassle free ….. And here I come!!

There were a few variations of tonkatsu sets based on the menu …… they even had a Hire Katsu set (pork with ZERO fat) for extra options …… In the end decided on the normal Tonkatsu set, that comes with rice, salad side, tofu side, miso soup and 2 sauces (1 sweet 1 savoury) ….. as per below picture ……


Only had 1 picture from my iPhone taken top down, but the portion was darn good for only $14.80++, not too much meat and yet with adequate sides to balance out the entire meal ….. As explained to me by the waiter, the difference between the standard Tonkatsu and Hire Katsu is that the standard Tonkatsu just has that bit more fat (only visible upon closer inspection) …… Once the pork cutlet goes into the mouth, it isn’t that much different. It is well fried, without being too oily while still being able to savour the freshness of the pork *thumbs up* ……

More importantly Yayoiken serves quality Japanese food at reasonable prices, will highly recommend this place!


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