On The Go: Monday Thoughts #2 选择比努力重要

Originally drafted this 2 Mondays back but ending up writing only about #1 and forgetting all about this part 2 😛

As I was drafting this, I realised that pertaining to the title, I had written something similar here ……

In my previous entry as linked, my stand was that both choice and hard work are equally important! Thus when I came upon this quote once again, I finally realized its true meaning, which can be summed up here in this quote ……


Many times in our day to day living, we make lots of small and big decisions. To put it simply, the ‘correct’ choice has to be made, and the necessary hard work to be put in to see ‘fruits’ …… In a big picture sense, it is simply a very thin line between doing the right thing and leaving things ambiguously as it is …… which result in desired/less than desired outcomes.

It could boil down to something as straightforward as being a stand-up person, which means being able to take responsibility with no excuses/b***s**t …… versus one who chooses to be evasive and defensive, most likely to maintain ‘face’ and avoid awkwardness/confrontation (rather debatable of course) ……

In the context of my work, for a client/prospect to make the time to see me for my expertise and advise means that he/she is concerned enough to want to address certain issues in their financial planning. This means he/she has made the responsible choice to plan for their financial security and well being of their loved ones – as versus to prospects/suspects who constantly avoid/evade using ‘busy’ as an excuse ….. Similarly for people who chose to not to follow advice, only to regret later. There comes a point where they have to learn from their mistakes and take responsibility for their actions/choices they have made …… rather than play the blame game on financial advisers …..

From a motivational point of view, it could be as simple as waking up and starting the day with positive thoughts and a daily plan in mind, rather than dread and mope ……

Thus always remember the choice begins with YOU!


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