Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

I have always wondered what ‘saturation’ is all about when fiddling around with a photo editing app on my iPhone ……

Then came this Weekly Photo Challenge ……

Before deciding on a photo to post, I actually did some googling to find out for myself what ‘saturation’ means in the photo taking context. So here we go …..

Color Saturation In Photography – http://www.starephotography.com/articles/colorsaturation/

Vibrance Vs Saturation In Plain English – http://digital-photography-school.com/vibrance-vs-saturation-in-plain-english

Essentially, it is all about making the colors in a photo more intense. There are times when a photo make be slightly dull in colours – due to natural light or maybe even the lack of ….. Thus editing will help to enhance the photo ……

Incidentally after having a pretty bad stress induced headache last Thursday, popped panadol & began to play around with the photo editing apps on my iPhone and tried editing a few of the photos taken during my trip to Gardens By The Bay over the F1 Weekend! This is one particular one that I liked a lot ……


With the help of Fotor, added some much needed light (we went in the evening, thus the flower displays in the Flower Dome were dimly light, and the pictures turned out very dark) …… Sharpened the image a bit, applied 50% more saturation, which brought out red flowers a lot more vividly …… And to top it off, added some smoke onto the picture – Smoke On Flowers!!! The smoky effect was that bit of inspired creativity : P


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