The Secret of Dealing With Pride

After yesterday evening’s long dinner with D …. plus some random googling earlier ….. found this

Great insight that allowed me to ‘discover’ how to deal with a proud person going foward. At least now I am aware that the problem may not necessarily be me ….. although said person thinks otherwise. Whether you like it or not, there will always be people who have too much ego and pride for their own good! Is that my problem? Obviously no lor ….. It ain’t nice to be accusing people of perceived ‘bad behaviour’ just because your ego got unknowingly busted. If that is the case, don’t talk smack of getting feedback and learning from others when your actions indicate otherwise ……

End of the day, we just do what we can and do it well!

Definitely on a blogging roll today and slowly getting back my blogging rhythmn! 🙂


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