Japan 2013: Day 1 Tokyo Part 2


Put down my luggage and took a quick toilet break before heading out again! Since I did not have lunch at the airport earlier, will go for an early dinner. It was around 1530 Hrs that I left my room and headed out.

Decided to start off with checking out the shops and the food hall right below the hotel.Whilst at the pharmacy on level 2 (to check out on some Shisedo products – requested from my sister), saw this:


This is definitely a very creative way of selling insurance – using celebrities to front your counter. MAS could take a tip or two here rather than coming up with measures that make no sense …. Recognized the guy from Zettai Kareshi ….

Then went down to level 1 where the food hall was located and walked around it, exploring and checking out the various stalls ……

Hankyu Oimachi

Spent almost an hour checking out the various stalls and wow-ing at the humongous range of food available (that’s Japan for you!). Just the variety of bentos on display is more than enough to leave you scratching your head on which one to choose. Stomach started to rumble, so got a potato croquette to munch on ……

Finally headed out to the train station at around 1645 Hrs. The sky is quickly turning dark (early sunset due to daylight saving). Some snapshots of the surrounding area:

Oimachi 1

Overall, Oimachi is a nice quiet neighbourhood which doesn’t look too shady/dodgy as well (think Kabukicho – Shinjuku’s red light district). Danny Choo also has a nice write-up on Oimachi here

Took the Keihin-Tohoku Line to my next intended destination – Tokyo Station!

On the 6 stop journey to Tokyo Station, came across my 1st sighting of Yutaka Takenouchi 😛


Saw this poster advertising the 10 billion yen grand lottery as well. Had the idea to do a colour and black & white contrast ……

JR Keihin Tohoku 1

Also noted along the journey that the Keihin-Tohoku line passes through major stations that run concurrently with the very popular Yamanote line (aka Green Line) – such as Shinagawa, Hamamasutcho, Shimbashi, Yurakucho. The other end of the Keihin-Tohoku leads to Yokohama (estimate 20 to 30 min journey from Shinagawa) …… If this was the case, I should’ve booked Ours Inn Hankyu instead for the last 4 days of my trip (Long Story. Did ask the receptionist during my check-in and she mentioned the hotel being full for the a few of the 4 days dates I wanted) …… Nevermind.

Finally reached Tokyo Station around 1720 Hrs. Seems like the after work crowd is beginning to flood in ……


Main mission at Tokyo Station – getting my early dinner. Have heard rave reviews about Rokurinsha on Daniel’s Food Diary so made it one of my main missions to try what is touted Tokyo’s Best Tsukemen on this trip.

Thanks to some pre-trip research done, recalled that the outlet is located around the Yaesu North exit of the station, which I managed to lcoate relatively quickly. Rokurinsha is actually one of the 8 shops located in the section called Tokyo Ramen Street.

Decided that I will do a separate review uner my Food Mission 2013 project as it does fit the theme and intention of it. 1 picture + 1 sentence to sum it up – this is definitely the BEST bowl of Tsukemen I ever had in my life!


After dinner, walked further down the Yaesu exit and went into Daimaru. Yet another crazy huge food hall (B1) with mind-boggling variety of food to choose from. More importantly, spotted 1 Tokyo Banana counter as well and took a mental note that to come back here to get Tokyo Banana towards the end of my trip ……

Daimaru Yaesu

Walked out of Daimaru, and ended up at the exit right opposite the Yaesu side of the station. Saw that Daimaru is one huge building (11 storeys high) right next to Tokyo Station. As I blog now, I realised that Daimaru also has a Tokyu Hands outlet which I could have gone as well ……



Since I have intended my 1st day to be a free & easy type of activity, and in no rush (since its still relatively early around 6-plus) …… decided to cross the road back into the station and walk right to the other side of the station facing the Marunochi area …… Walked through a passageway that led me to the Marunouchi exit. As I was at the exit, noted the unique architecture, probably a result of the conservation of the original Tokyo Station Building ……

Tokyo Station

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