Japan 2013: Day 1 Tokyo Part 3


Adding on a part 3 entry so that the order flows better.

Walked out of the Marunouchi exit of Tokyo Station, and started one round of photo taking πŸ˜›

The Marunouchi office building district at night.


Its nice that post restoration, the road right in front of the red brick facade of Tokyo Station is opened up for pedestrians to walk through. This means more photo taking, heh!

Outside of the iconic Tokyo Station Building. Also crossed the road to Marunouchi side to get a fuller view of the building. A pity that there is a limited wide angle effect with digital camera/iphone …… Touched up the pictures using Fotor to make it look ‘brighter’ in order to bring out the red brick facade of the building.

Tokyo Station 2

One of my favourite shots. Basically the cars were zooming past as I was trying to sneak in a few good shots (Note: Used Fotor to brighten up & make the picture look sharper as well)……

Tokyo Station 3 Edit

Walked further down the Marunouchi district, with the cold air in my face πŸ˜› …… passed by Marunouchi Brick Square (where I successfully hunted down an Ippudo ramen outlet during my last trip) and the Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum right next to it. Spotted a row of dining outlets under the Yurakucho train tracks (highlighted in this blog entry here) and within sight – the Tokyo International Forum Building! Passed through the open area linking the buildings together and at the end of it, it is Yurachuko station. Never knew Tokyo Station and Ginza were so near each other, and it is probably much faster to walk straight down rather than take the Metro subway …….


Since I was right smack in Yurakucho, re-visited the flagship Muji Cafe – this time to check out its cakes/desserts + also have a much-needed coffee. Ended up here eating, resting and some window shopping for a good hour or so ……



Had a cheese cake (400 JPY) and added on 200 JPY for a black coffee (otherwise its 350 to 400 JPY for ala-carte coffee). Verdict, it was definitely more the novelty of eating at Muji, and I preferred the dinner set that I had at Muji during my last trip! Did some browsing and window shopping after my meal, found nothing interesting to buy as gifts/for personal use (Uniqlo offers similar clothings for much lower prices) ……

It was not yet 9pm (2100 Hrs) – still kind of early by any means. Based on info from Japan Guide, was aware that 14th was the start of Tokyo Midtown’s annual christmas light-up, but because I did not buy a 1 day METRO ticket, found it a hassle travelling across to Roppongi. Little I did know Aya Ueto was there at the light up ceremony ……

So ended up at Akihabara 3 JR stations away instead ……


Doesn’t seem to be very much happening at Akihabara. Think the place is not really my cup of tea. After all am neither into electronics nor anime nor otaku culture (which Akihabara is well known for) …… Did not manage to find the Gundam and AKB48 around the station as well. However did spot a street busker, and did another colour and BW contrast again ……

Akihabara 2

Nothing much to do in Akihabara so decided to head back to hotel for an early rest as I’ll be checking out at 6-plus to head to Osaka. Realised that most department stores/food halls close at 2100 Hrs (weekdays) – was back at hotel around 2140 Hrs, thus no chance to buy any supper to eat in my room (in particular the fried rice with oyster that I was eyeing). Hooked up to the wifi at the lobby and whatsapp, checked emails for a bit before going up to my room for a much needed shower and rest, and caught a bit of Fuji TV’s Thursday night primetime drama – Dokusin Kizoku (which has one of the SMAP members as the male lead) before turning in ……

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