Japan 2013: Day 2 Osaka Part 4


Continuing from where I left off, walked back to Osakako station, and changed subways at Honmachi to get to Namba.

Namba is also another huge station just like Osaka/Umeda – located down south of Osaka,with many dining, shopping and entertainment options. Followed the directions and signs as indicated in the train station. No photos as I wanted to get to Dotonbori ASAP!

Walked straight based on directions given by the train station staff and some passer-bys on the street. Saw this and happily crossed the road …..


After walking inside the street for about 5 minutes, found it to be too quiet and not the famed Dotonburi that I have read and seen so much about, bustling with its many restaurants and shopping outlets. The final clincher was that I even saw some touts/bounchers standing along the roadside. Turned back and saw a bridge, so went on the bridge and finally saw a bit of the famous Gilco Man and Kani Doraku billboard – which indicates the Dotonburi that I want to go!

So crossed the road back to the ‘correct’ Dotonburi. Finally in the right direction as I spot the huge Kani Koraku outlet ……


Saw the start of Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade at the end of the small bridge. Huge crowds on a Friday night (and its only 6-plus in the evening) ……


Famous icons of Dontonburi – the Gilco Running Man & Asahi billboards!

Dotonburi 1

Time for some food next! Stomach is rumbling. Checked out Kani Doraku, found the dinner sets a tad expensive (ranging from 5000 JPY and up) and decided to just get 2 grilled crab legs at 700 JPY instead (they have stalls outside the restaurant walkway selling the grilled crab legs, takeaway ekiben, and even crab-based snacks), for the thrill of it 😛

Kani Koraku

Note: Edited the crab legs picture using Fotor as original image was too blurry

Takopachi next! There are many shops/restaurants selling takopachi along the street. Finally found one that seems to have a reasonable crowd (which means the food should be good) and decently priced at 400 JPY for 6 pieces (there were a few shops selling the same for 600 to 700 JPY) ……

Dotonburi 2

Note: Lightened up the takopachi using Fotor as well

Felt pretty full after the crab legs and takopachi (must be all the flour from it) so gave Ichiran Ramen a miss. Walked the food stretch a bit more, and did not manage to locate the Pablo Cheesecake shop, so decided to turn back. Rather than going southwards and squeezing with the crowd at the Shinsaibashi Shopping Stretch, walked back northwards towards the subway station (where I came from) ……

Instead of going back in the subway station, kept onto the main road and soon reached the huge Takashimaya building right beside Namba station.



Went into the building, into the Nankai Namba station (Nankai is another private railway in Osaka). Walked further up and ‘landed’ in Namba Parks – a pretty new shopping and office complex with a rooftop garden right above the Nankai Railway Station. The rooftop garden was lighted up as part of the Christmas light-up, but personally I did not find it very spectacular. However, the christmas tree right in the middle of the garden has music accompanied with a change in colours which I thought was pretty nice ……

Namba Parks

Namba Parks 2

Walked around a while more before heading back to Umeda area, and back to hotel to check in.

Thanks to the free wifi in the room, googled and checked up Tripadvisor for reviews of the Santa Maria cruise that I did not take. Felt better about missing the last cruise as a quite few Tripadvisor reviews indicated that the views from the ship were quite average as compared to the Ferris Wheel 😛 …… And enjoyed a fried fish (got it from the Hankyu Umeda Food Hall during the closing sales after walking around it for a good 45 min or so) and beer supper in my room as well ……


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