Thought Catalog: 10 Reasons Why Travel Makes You A Better Person

Before I proceed with Part 2 of my Hiroshima/Miyajima entry, came across this article in my twitter/facebook feed 2 weeks ago ……


Point 1 hit the point right home as my 11 day trip was a solo trip. Travelling solo is liberating in a sense that apart from being able to eat what you want, and do whatever you like, being in control of your own itinerary also meant that in the event something does not go according to plan / screws-up …… there is no one to blame but yourself. In other words, it teaches accountability as there is no travel buddy to conveniently blame.

Also another liberating thing is that there will always be pockets of peace and solitude that will allow you to think through and sort out certain issues in your life, and how you want to proceed foward. Was glad for the opportunity to do so as I straightened out my thoughts and re-affirmed my priorities and what I want going foward. This was much needed as I was not going through a very good time prior to trip.

And of course, also learnt to be more patient. Notably, only lost my temper ONCE throughout the 11 day trip ….. and trying my very best to carry this foward back at home (provided someone does not provoke me) ……

Considering this was my first, am glad to have this experience as it taught me that nothing is impossible as long as we have set our hearts to it (with the correct mindset and preparation). Sometime in the future, will love to do a long solo trip like this again …….


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