Japan 2013: Day 3 Hiroshima & Miyajima Part 3


After spending quite a bit of time (1 hour) in the main museum, and some photo taking in front of the museum building, decided to u-turn back to the Honkawa Bridge where I came from originally, in order to get to the Hondori Shopping Arcade (that starts right across the road from the bridge itself) ……

As I was walking back towards the bridge, came across another Memorial Hall (the glass structure on top in the photo) …… so decided to go in to take a look. No photography allowed once again. This is an underground hall, with plaques for the individual victims, videos and some story illustrations (in computer book form) of suriving victims. While the museum approaches the angle of laying blame on the Americans for using nuclear power as a means to an end, this hall focuses more on paying tribute to the victims and survivors …… in my view, a good balance between the various viewpoints presented (you may google japanese perspective on the bombings to read up on more views as well) ……


A nice view of the Hiroshima cityscape (Hondori side) as I walk back the Honkawa Bridge towards Hondori ……


Spotted a few restaurants (prior to crossing the bridge to the museum) whilst walking towards the entrance to the Hondori Shopping Street.

Hondori 1

The oyster restaurant actually serves a rice with oysters set for less 1000 JPY which would have allowed me to try out Hiroshima’s famous oysters – which I think I would have enjoyed more than the okonomiyaki lunch that I had at the station earlier. Similarly the Spanish restaurant opposite serves lunch set for 800 JPY only. Even if the stomach was willing, no chance for me to have another meal again as they were closed after lunch (last serving was at 1400 Hrs) as I walked pass to head to Hondori …… Regretted not holding in my stomach earlier at the train station in that instance but who would’ve known. Since this was a day trip, no chance of coming back here to eat. What a wasted opportunity!

Took a walk through the shopping street, browsed through a few shops. Was very mindful not to spend too much time shopping as the plan is to get to Miyajima before sunset (estimate 1630 Hrs). Spotted the main Andersen’s Cafe along Hondori – would have loved to pop in for a cuppa + dessert but not a practical option, sigh …… So ended my walk down Hondori half-way (there’s a 2nd half right across the road) ……


Crossed the road to take the electric tram back to Hiroshima station. Thank god I got to the correct bus-stop and the correct line/train (some trains go one big loop to Miyajima, which will take 1 hour as versus to the faster JR option) ……


Then it was another train ride from Hiroshima station to Miyajiamaguchi Station (about 1/2 hour, fully covered by the JR Pass). It was a good thing to be as early as possible as the trains on this line (JR Sanyo) are not as frequent – average 15 to 30 mins wait per train. Followed by a short 5 min walk to the Miyajima Pier to board the ferry bound for Miyajima …….


A new block of apartments right beside the pier looking out to Miyajima island. The view must be gorgeous ……


Boarding the ferry. There are actually 2 different ferry services side by side – JR Ferry and Matsudai. The JR Ferry is definitely the more popular service (maybe because the ferry ride is covered by the JR Passes) …… Very similar to the ferry that I took in Penang – where level 1 is for cars, motorbikes. Also saw people with luggage cases staying on level 1 deck as well (now I know it’s not that much of a hassle lugging the luggage to Miyajima overnight) ……


Leaving Hiroshima mainland behind ……


Miyajima island in the distance!



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