Japan 2013: Day 3 Hiroshima & Miyajima Part 4


Reached Miyajima after a short 10 min ferry ride. Never realised it was this fast 😛


First of the many deers on the island itself ……


Talking the walk straight to my next destination – Itsukushima Shrine. Some sights along the way ……

Miyajima 1

Miyajima 2

Hiroshima mainland (view from the shoreline) ……


Spotted a grilled oyster stall and was tempted to get some to try. But decided to head to the shrine 1st (main objective is to reach before sunset) and instead, get the oysters on the way back to the pier later ……


Getting close to the shrine, it is already close to sunset time (around 1630 Hrs) ……

Miyajima 3

At the same time, also noted that the deer roaming the island are pretty wild – like to run after people, objects ……


Reached Itsukushima Shrine. Let the crazy photo snapping begin!

Set my camera to the pre-set sunset mode for the 1st picture, then a more natural setting (by increasing aperture & exposure) for the 2nd shot. Although it is already about 440pm, the sky was not that dark yet as the sun has yet to move towards the coastline …..,


Starting from the right of the shoreline. Low tide came at around 2-plus (indicated by a corner signboard), thus many could walk up close to the gate for photos ….. Loved the shot where a group of youths stand in a straight line for a group photo ……


Managed a panorama shot on my iPhone as well (couldn’t get the panorama mode on the digital camera to work) ….. This ranks as one of my favourite shots!


View of the main Itsukushima Shrine building from the shoreline ….. Not forgetting that Itsukushima Shrine is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This makes it 2 UNESCO sites for me in 1 day!


Another great in the moment shot that I managed to capture – a boy right by the tip of the tide ……


Another perspective of the red tori gate, this time from the left of the shoreline ……


Got back up from the shoreline to the main road to head to the shrine entrance. Saw the nice boardwalk in the inlet building that visitors walk through ……


Miyajima as an island itself has a lot of places to see, such as the ropeway which goes further up Mount Misen, aquarium, and so forth. Did not really plan for an overnight trip this time round, so this serves as the motivation for a future trip, hee!


Got back to the entrance, but it was already close to 1700 Hrs, which is the closing time. Thus decided to skip exploring the temple grounds.


More deers by the roadside. Also saw the notice that we are not supposed to feed them.



One last look at the red tori gate on the walk back to the pier ……



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