Japan 2013: Day 3 Hiroshima & Miyajima Part 5


Interesting sight of another ‘wild’ deer ‘chasing’ after a lady whilst walking back to the pier ……


Bought a stick of fried oysters to try from one of the roadside stalls. Fried food tastes so good in cold weather …… lol


Note: The original picture was too dark, so did some touch-up/editing via Snapseed.

Wandered off into one of Miyajima’s main shopping streets – which is called Omotesando as according to this source …… It couldn’t be more different than the bright lights of Tokyo’s Omotesando!

The sky is quickly turning dark (this is around 525pm) ……


Various shops along the shopping street – including a Miyajima Coffee (cafe), Momiji Manju (a maple shaped cake with filling such as red bean paste, green tea, custard cream), deer crackers (which I ended up getting 2 packs since it can’t be found anywhere else other than Miyajima :P) …… Did not manage to see the Oshakushi 大杓子 a.k.a the biggest scoop in the world!


Finally spotted a grilled oyster stall to savour Miyajima’s famous grilled oysters – which costs 400 JPY (for 2 oysters). Stall seemed to be popular as there was a ‘slight’ quene, but ended up to be a close to 20 min wait despite getting a number 5 (the numbers are recycled in rounds of 25 twice!) …… But it was definitely worth the wait as the oysters were really fresh and juicy, yum yum!



Note: Same as the above, the original was too dark. Touched-up using Snapseed to make the oysters look more ‘delicious’, hee ……

After eating up the oysters, walked back to the pier. It was 1 min to 6 when I reached the pier. The sky was already this dark (had to turn up the ISO a bit more to properly capture some shots) ……


Approaching the Hiroshima mainland (on the ferry back) ……


On the walk back to the train station, passed by this chic cafe again (1st spotted it earlier on the way to the pier) …… Bluebird Coffee!




Due to the long waiting time for the grilled oysters earlier at Miyajima, plus having to catch the train back to Hiroshima to get onto the 1917 Hrs Shinkansen (reserved seat on the Sakura 549) back to Osaka, was not able to sit down, relax, sip a cuppa as originally intended. Very small ground floor space leading to level 2, but the cafe creatively used old car protypes to store the various food items and knick-knacks available for sale. Check out my tripadvisor review here …… same as Miyajima, will make it a point to come back again in the future!

Ended up packing a hazelnut latte which I finished up at the train station. The warm drink was timely after being stuffed with oysters at Miyajima 😛 …… The hazelnut latte is definitely cheap at 390 JPY only as compared to some of the cafes in Osaka and Tokyo so far.


Another 1 1/2 hour shinkansen back to Shin-Osaka. Had to change trains at Shin-Osaka to take 1 stop back to Osaka station itself. On the walk to the platform to change train, spotted more take-away counters and a sounvenir shop selling omiyage (gifts) of the Osaka region. There is now Osaka versions of the Shiroi Kobito biscuits and ‘Osaka Bannana’, heh ……


More cool men on the train ride back to Osaka – Ken Watanabe & Takuya Kimura!



Reached Osaka Station close to 9pm! Since the food halls are closed around this time, plus was still feeling pretty full from the oysters and latte, decided to do some window-shopping around the train station before getting a late dinner/supper ……


Huge array of magazines ……


More restaurants at the top of the building (under Daimaru) ……


Huge Bookstore at the corner of the building. Spotted the dramatized version novel of the recent Summer hit drama Hanazawa Naozi ……

Osaka Station City 2

Crazy choice of takeaway food for dinner at Entree Marche, and cheap too! Lost for choice 😛


Decided against it in the end as hotel room has no microwave to heat up the food. After getting some stuff at the drugstore (Shisedo stuff + conditioner – needed one as I packed by mistake the smaller bottle that is almost finished) …… settled for a very late dinner at the 24-hour gyudon place along the main street (the Ippudo beside it still has long quenes even beyond 10pm!). Finally tried the gyudon that I did not manage to do so in my last trip – beef donburi that cost 280 JPY yen (really cheap!) piping hot & delicious, and filling!


My ‘shopping loot’ for the day ……



Got the Kose tablets for the lotion mask earlier at Hondori, and also the deer crackers in Miyajima. Somehow the pictures taken using my iPad had a weird coloring, never mind …….

Not that many attractions covered as compared to Day 2, but it was more ‘quality over quantity’ approach, and a long but very satisfying Day 3!

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