Food Mission: Rokurinsha @ Tokyo Station

A separate review to round off my travel entries for the year!

Decided to log this in as a separate entry rather than part of my Day 1 entry as it was so good + also one of the restaurants that I have specifically set out to try (which is why I’m categorizing it under Food Mission as well).

First heard about this legendary ramen from one of my favourite food bloggers – Daniel Food Diary, and so earmarked it to try during my trip after a bit more googling and researching on my own.

There are actually 2 Rokurinsha outlets in Tokyo – one in Tokyo Station and the newer one at Tokyo Skytree. Zero-ed on the Tokyo Station outlet and decided on it for early dinner on my 1st day in Tokyo.

It was located as part of the Tokyo Ramen Street, on the Yaesu side of Tokyo Station. Was not difficult to find, based on these directions, as I managed to get onto the Yaesu side of the station pretty quickly without getting lost 😛



Reached around 530pm. Thought the quene wasn’t too long ……


Until I walked to the end and saw this!


I guess it’s a testimony to its popularity.

Managed to get a seat after a 10 to 15 minute wait. Quite a bright and spacious outlet.


Ordered the signature tsukemen – which is essentially dipping ramen where you dip the ramen/noodles into a broth. Opted for the one without egg as I do not really take hard boiled eggs. This bowl is 850 JPY.


The secret to a good bowl of tsukemen lies in the broth. This is a very rich and tasteful broth without being overly thick – and well boiled with fish and pork. There’s also the gyofun (dried fish power) mixed in to further enhance the taste. The noodles may look thick and hard (very much like the yellow chinese noodle) but it is very soft and chewy on the bite – and even more so when dipped into the broth. Heavenly combo indeed!


This definitely lives up to the reputation of being Tokyo’s Best Tsukemen! And the best tsukemen that I have had to date. When reading one of the many reviews online, learnt that Rokurinsha’s founder actually trained under Taishoken’s founder. So Taishoken was the 1st shop to ‘invent’ the tsukemen. I actually had Taishoken at Ramen Champion (Bugis+) earlier in the year, and found it to be average at best – guess the drop in standards come when they ‘Singaporean-ise’ it …. The original Taishoken may be much better in its homeland 😛

Similar to my last trip, ramen was also my 1st proper meal to start off the trip. Only difference this time round is that this is a way superior bowl of ramen which lived up to its hype! Not much photos though of the restaurant and food as I was too busy chomping down my food. All in all, very satisfied after my meal and a great start to my trip as well 😀

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