Japan 2013: Day 4 Osaka & Nara Day Trip Part 3


Finished my tour on the main hall in around 1/2 hour. A picture from my Instragram – fortune papers tied to the wooden rail right outside the main hall.


Leaving Todaiji behind ……


A side gate that supposedly leads to Kasuga Taisha Shrine. Seemed like a long walk and so decided to go back to the entrance where I came from ……



Crazy crowds ……


Another cute boy feeding a deer ……


Decided to rest and chill a bit at Nara Park before deciding my next move. Feeling very stoned after the crazy crowds at Todaiji. Munched to a bread that I bought earlier at Hanshin while looking at the sights around me ……

Nara 4

** Particularly like the one where the father was playing ball with his children.

Turned the other direction towards my right (inside the park) and spotted a row of trees in nice shades of red and yellow for the autumn season ……


I need to specifically highlight the next photo. Had eyed this spot right below the tree for a nice autumn selca (or rather selfie as more popularly used these days) but this lady kept hogging the spot for a long time – posing left, right, centre, and repeating the same poses again and again. So no selca for me :S


Time to decide where to go next after chilling at Nara Park for a good 1/2 hour


Intended to go to Kasuga Taisha Shrine next (famous for its lanterns and an autumn leaves spot) but missed the Kotsu Bus that will bring me there. Based on the map, the temple seemed way further than the 0.8km to 1km indicated on the road signs. Still in the lazy and don’t feel like walking mode, so decided to skip Kasuga Taisha and head straight next to Kofukuji Temple further down the road.

The roads/streets in Nara are really narrow. There is only enough space for 1 vehicle on each side of the road.



Passed by the Nara National Museum on the walk to Kofukuji. It was a free entry day!

Nara 5

Walked into a tunnel (guess its a way to reduce traffic on the roads above) …..


Turned back and spotted yet another clear blue sky!


Note: The picture on top was the original taken when in the tunnel (thus that block of black on the top of the picture). Was wondering if the picture would look better if the black part was cropped off – so used Snapseed to crop and also enhanced the colours via saturation. See the difference ……

Reached Kofukuji Temple.


Just like Todaiji, Kofukuji is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as one of the Eight Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara. And a Buddhist Temple as well.

Kofukuji’s main building – the Central Golden Hall, is in the process of being rebuilt. Looks like we will only get to see this in its full glory in year 2018. That’s a long time ……

Kofukuji 1

The Eastern Golden Hall and the 5 Storied Temple Pagoda by the side ……


Close-ups. Elected not to go in to the Eastern Golden Hall (which requires a separate admission fee) ……

Kofukuji 2

Nice autumn colours by the side ……


Ended up spending very little time at Kofukuji given that the main hall is under renovation/being rebuilt. It was about 4pm. Rather than going back to JR Nara Station to take the train back to Osaka, decided that there is enough time to head down to Gangou-ji (last temple of the day!). Might as well take the opportunity to cover 1 more place as I forsee myself that it would be a long time before I would visit Nara again.

Rather than walk back towards the main road (that I came from originally), went to the back entrance instead (based on the map) and saw the below sign that indicates the pond – which means I’m on the right track to Gangou-ji ……


Koyo (autumn leaves) lined street of Nara on the right (the direction towards Kintestu Nara station and JR Nara station).


The pond right behind Kofukuji Temple, and within Nara Park grounds – Sarusawaike Pond.

Nara Park Pond


2 thoughts on “Japan 2013: Day 4 Osaka & Nara Day Trip Part 3

  1. Wonderful pictures — it was lovely to see the changing colors of the leaves in Nara. When we went to Nara it was in the spring so we didn’t get to see any of that. Those red trees are beautiful.

  2. Hi thanks for your compliment. It was still early peak when I was in Nara, as the foliage peak in Osaka and Nara seemed a bit later this year. Thinking about it now, initially I felt I did not ‘like’ Nara as much as the other cities that I visited this trip. But after writing my blogs 1-2 months later, I realised that Nara actually has its own character & charm, more ‘old school’ Japan as compared to the more modern cities like Tokyo & Yokohama.

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