Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

Decided to do this photo entry after missing out on last week’s …..

Similar to the previous challenge 2 weeks ago, am using a few travel photos from my trip for this theme. Incidentally, the photos that I have selected for this entry were for my overnight stay at Kobe as well 🙂

Stayed at Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel – located right in the centre of Kobe’s harbourfront. Great views from the hotel at all times of the day (day & night).

It is always fantastic to begin a day with great weather, followed by a sumptuous breakfast – which sets the tone for your day!

For this entry, am focusing on morning views. Views from the western restaurant ……


Sun rays from the rising sun. It was around 0715 Hrs!



As the clouds start to ‘open up’ and more sunlight comes in


Walked out to the outdoor balcony and took this view of the Mosaic and Ferris Wheel waterfront. Close to 8am. Bright and clear day – which puts one in an excellent frame of mind for the rest of the day’s activities.


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