Japan 2013: Day 5 Leaving Osaka & Onto Kobe Part 1


As per my tweet, am really looking foward moving on to a new city – Kobe after 3 days of Osaka (together with a mix of Hiroshima and Nara)!

However one last thing to do in Osaka – sushi breakfast at Endo Sushi (located at Osaka’s Central Wholesale market). Had wanted to go on Sunday (Day 4) and then proceed to Nara from there, but did some googling on Saturday evening and found out that Sunday is actually their rest day. Hence pushed foward to Monday instead.

No more dily-dalying in bed.  Woke up early, packed up, checked out my room (for real this time!) and left my luggage at the reception before heading out a little after 8. Did the ‘smarter’ thing this time by getting a cup of solid black coffee at Doutor at Osaka Station basement to set the ‘correct’ tone for the day 😛


2 Stops to JR Noda Station (covered by the JR Pass), so it was not that far from Umeda (where I was) despite being off the tourist spots. Asked for directions from the train station master,and also from passer-bys on the street. There were also some detailed directions based on this review …… but somehow ended up following what the station master told me – which is to walk straight until I see the market beside the river,which I managed to locate after a good 10 to 15 min walk ……

Osaka Central Wholesale Market. Managed to locate the row of restaurants right at the other corner of the market (near the bridge) ……

Osaka Endo Market 1

Detailed review of Endo Sushi in a separate food entry rather than drag out this entry ……

Shop was pretty empty when I reached around 9, finished my breakfast around 930 and left. Saw that the market is pretty empty, since I went only at 9 – no tuna auction to see, shops barely open as well so only took some pictures and left ……

Osaka Endo Mkt 2

More interesting pictures as I was leaving the market. As the market is located next to a river, you can see ships/boats being docked, together with some walkways. Spotted a lady feeding her dog alongside the riverfront and snapped a few pictures ……

Osaka Endo Mkt 3

Whilst walking back to JR Noda Station to head back to Umeda, saw that it was a clear and bright morning, and the sky was clear blue, with beautiful fluffy clouds …… And so slowed down my walk and got inspired to take pictures of the clear blue sky. You will also notice that the street is completely empty, with no cars! Amazing!


While I was waiting at the traffic light right opposite the station …..,


Wasn’t really intending to get any food-related souvenirs as I still have 7 days to go before flying back to Singapore, and expiry dates of the foodstuff will be an issue. However passed by Entree Marche at Osaka Station (a all-in-one supermarket cum convenience store in many JR West stations) and decided to get a pack of Takoyaki biscuits (which was advertised on SmaSTATION – a SMAP related variety show in Japan) – as a souvenir to bring back from Osaka 😛

Entree Marche Osaka

Finally spotted ikemen Fukuyama Masaharu and his Asahi billboards in Osaka Station. Masa has been a long-time endorser of Asahi. Wonder why I didn’t see it earlier, nevermind ……

Osaka Station Asahi

The last time I will be crossing this traffic junction across to Hankyu Building, on route back to Hotel Kinki ……


As I was walking through Hankyu, I realised that the christmas decoration panels actually have moving creatures on top. Did not notice that for the past 3 days of walking through the same path until my last morning in Osaka ……

Hankyu Umeda 2

Then back to Hotel Kinki to pick up my luggage. Rested at the lobby for a while and used the wireless before leaving for good at around 1050 Hrs ……

Back at the train station platform at Osaka Station. It is roughly about 20 to 25 min train ride to Kobe. The station master advised me to take the Special Rapid Service which is faster (as it skips a couple of stops along the route) as compared to the usual route ……


And I am off to Kobe!


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