Japan 2013: Day 5 Leaving Osaka & Onto Kobe Part 3


Reached the end of the ropeway – which is basically the Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden.




Introduction from FeelKOBE website & the official website:

Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens are Japan’s largest herb gardens with about 75,000 herbs and flowers of about 200 kinds blooming throughout the year. There are 14 garden areas where visitors are welcomed by seasonal herbs and flowers arranged according to different themes.

There are restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy herb dishes with seasonal ingredients in buffet, stores you can purchase souvenirs of Kobe and herbal goods, and a new spot called “Kobe confectionery factory Honey Bee” offers cakes and drinks made with the herbs and honey harvested from the garden. You can enjoy hanged fuchsias throughout a year in a glasshouse, and can see a view of Kobe all the way to Osaka Bay under your eyes while taking foot bath with herbs at “Herbal Foot Bath”. Enjoy the night view of Kobe in a large-scaled panorama from the ropeway or the observation area in open hours in night.

Armed with an English map/guide in hand, started my tour with the View Plaza.

View of the Garden’s glasshouses, Kobe Bay Area and Port Island (where Kobe Airport is) ……


Kobe Herb 1


Bronze statue of a girl titled ‘Arigato (Thank you)’ presented by a Salvadoran sculptor as a token of gratitude for the support rendered by Kobe for the earthquake in Salvador in year 2001.


Same statue, different perspective when I took a few steps back. It feels like the little girl (abeilt statue) looking out onto the Kobe Bay Area from where ‘she’ is standing ……


The View Rest House, where there are restaurants, a cafe (cakes and drinks made using herbs harvested from the garden) and a sounvenir shop on the ground floor.


Adjourning building next to the Rest House – Mori no Hall (Concert Hall in Forest) & Fragrance Museum.


Kobe Herb 2

No chance to see the concert hall itself as it is locked (when I walked up to level 2).

Inside Fragrance Museum. Exhibits on various types of fragrances made (using herbs from the garden). There is also an aromatheraphy room at a corner where you can see how perfume is manufactured (they sell small vials of it as well).

Kobe Herb 3

Walked to the end of the building, and right at the end was another garden called Fragrance Garden. Was rewarded with more gorgeous views of the Bay Area.




Various Herbs on display in the garden area.

Kobe Herb 4

Done with the top area. Starting the hike downwards the garden (the plan is to walk down 1/2 way, then take the ropeway back to Shin Kobe since I bought a return ticket). The Herb Museum along the way down ……

Kobe Herb 5

Walking further down to the Glasshouse next. Pretty windy (as the whiteboard at the entrance states it was 12.5 degrees for the day, definitely a dip from the average 15 degrees that I enjoyed earlier in Osaka & Hiroshima) – which also meant that the autumn colours will be likely to peak faster with cooler temperatures. Finally some nice autumn colours ……



A nice piece of photography of a single herb/plant that I have highlighted earlier in a Weekly Photography Challenge entry here ……




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