Japan 2013: Day 5 Leaving Osaka & Onto Kobe Part 4


Downhill and to the Glasshouse next. The Glasshouse is the ‘shiny roof’ which you may have seen in my earlier pictures taken whilst on the ropeway up, and from the View Plaza right at the top.


Inside the Glasshouse – to a ‘fragrant’ welcome from the flowers and fruits grown inside this greenhouse ……


The glass roof that faces out to the sky ……


Next to the second glasshouse. There is even mock up models of a kitchen, living room, and bathroom – probably an old style European house in the olden days (when Kobe was a major port city).


Furtherdown, the third glasshouse. A very unique statue of a mother and child – 愛 / Love.


Had to walk another round the first and second glasshouses before finally figuring out where the herbal footbath was located – it was right outside the door behind the statue. Was glad to have found it and did a quick 5 to 10 min soak (very much needed) for my tired feet …… And at the same time, had that bit of downtime to enjoy my footbath while looking out to the Bay Area. Another great spot (in addition to View Plaza at the top earlier) for gorgeous views of the Kobe city line ……



The Glass Terrace located in the fourth glasshouse – overlooking out to Kobe City. Only snapped 1 picture as I have to get going quick to make it back to the middle ropeway station for the last ride at 1700 Hrs.


Read also that there is also a lover’s bell in the garden. Don’t seemed to have spotted it. Anyway had to quickly continue the downhill hike before the sky darkens and ropeway services stop.

Took shortcut and skipped the Lavender Garden. Passed by the Four Seasons Garden instead.




More to explore within the garden but did not do so due to time constraint. So just took some pictures ……

Kobe Herb 6

1 step closer to the Kaze no Oka Mid Station ……


Need to walk pass the Recreation Area and Flower Garden first ……



Autumn leaves adorning the Mid Station Building ……


On the ropeway back down to Shin-Kobe. It was about 445pm and the sky is darkening quickly ……

Shin Kobe Ropeway 2

The Nunobiki Dam, near the foot of the moutain stream and Waterfall (also called Nunobiki) ……


Spotted the waterfall again and tried to get a clearer shot this time round


Check out my tripadvisor review of the Herb Garden here.


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