Japan 2013: Day 5 Leaving Osaka & Onto Kobe Part 5


Already on Part 5 as Parts 1-4 were very photo heavy entries.

Got back to Sannomiya Station (1 stop from Shin Kobe) at around 515pm. Walked around the station area a bit and decided to indulge in some photography around the station area. Managed to get some shots of the rapidly darkening sky whilst trying to get a more optimal camera set up for evening photography as well.




Behind the triangle structure is actually a long bridge that leads to another major area behind the station. Walked up to the bridge to snap more photos of the surrounding landscape ……

Sannomiya Terminal Hotel – located right on top of the JR Sannomiya Station. Very convenient place to stay in should you prefer to move mainly around Sannomiya ……


Stood at this spot for a while trying to capture a shot of the darkening sky (still blu-ish dark as versus to pitch dark) and at the same time, the moving vehicles on the traffic junction ……


The huge Sogo behind JR Sannomiya station ……


Went back into JR Sannomiya Station and spotted anothe Entree Marche outlet inside the station.


Huge array of souvenirs and snacks to buy home. But didn’t buy any as I was reserving my omiyage/souvenir shopping for the last lap of my trip back in Tokyo. Looking back now, would have loved to buy a few boxes of the Goncharoff chocolates – as a souvenir from Kobe πŸ˜› …… And it was a slight pity that I didn’t have time to go back and buy it before leaving Kobe the next day ……


This Entree Marche outlet even has a desserts counter. Kobe is also well known for its western style desserts due to western influences in its days as an illustrious port city. The cream puffs and eclairs looked really enticing πŸ˜›



Instead of taking the shuttle bus at Sannomiya back to my hotel for check-in, decided instead to take 1 stop down to Motomachi to walk through the streets (was part of the Old Foreign Settlement, and Chinatown is there as well) and from there, take a walk back to hotel via Meriken Park. On hindsight, it was not such a good idea after all as it was a pretty long 15 to 30 min walk. Moreover, very windy day! Could have taken the bus back to hotel first, and then walked back out to Motomachi for dinner and shopping instead …… But I guess at times, not much ‘space’ and ‘energy’ to think through when you are going from place to place and trying to cover as much activities as possible ……

European style cafe ……


The classic and modern looking Daimaru Building.


Then chanced upon a Kobe Beef shop instead (as there was a certification signboard at the side). Unlike Steakland, this is more of a shop selling raw Kobe Beef. There is also a corner where an assortment of fried snacks is being sold (where the quene at the shop entrance is quening for) …… Again, since it was so windy, I could have bought one hot snack to try as well but ‘abstained’ after 2 heavy meals (sushi breakfast, kobe beef lunch) + dessert. Silly me πŸ˜›


Motomachi shopping street ……



Also saw a bit of the Chinatown entrance within the street. But as it was rather cold and windy, plus with only 2 layers of clothing, my immediate priority at that point in time was to quickly walk back to Meriken Park area and to hotel. So skipped Chinatown.

On a random note, it occured to me only now that Yokohama also has a Motomachi shopping street (more of smaller shops on narrow streets as versus to Kobe’s shopping arcade style). Also, both Yokohama and Kobe are port cities as well, and both have main parks overlooking the bay area (Yamashita Park and Meriken Park – my next destination). Interesting right πŸ˜›

Finally reached Meriken Park at around 620pm! Totally pitch dark!


Could not locate the memorial and the section of the damaged waterfront as the area was really dark, and with rather poor lighting too. Only took a few shots at the park’s waterfront (that faces Port Island) and spotted a piece of artwork from the ongoing Kobe Biennale.



Finally see my hotel – Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel closer in sight as I walk through the Park itself.


There was some barricading but managed to find a path that linked up to the hotel’s driveway and entrance. Finally checked in, collected my luggage and went up to my room on level 12. Settled down and did some much needed charging to my electronic devices running on low batt (iPhone and Camera) ……

Quick pasta dinner in the comfort of my room ……


Note: Collage made using Instamag!

Had gotten this Japanese scallop pasta in tomato cream sauce for an intended simple dinner in my room from Entree Marche Sannomiya earlier. Despite being microwaved, after all the walking in the cold wind, the pasta was slightly cold, but still delicious. Now I realise for myself that meals bought from Japanese convenience stores are delicous, and that why some tourists will have that as a cheap and fast alternative πŸ˜›

Whilst charging my devices, walked out to the balcony of my room for more photo taking. As I got a room facing the Kobe Port Tower side, managed to get views of the lighted up Kobe Tower, and its surroundings (the white building is the Kobe Maritime/Kawasaki Good Times Museum, with Hotel Okura just behind it). On my left will be the Mosaic and Ferris Wheel (part of Harborland) – which many online reviews stated is the most popular view many hotel guests would request for when booking a room (more expensive as well) ……

Kobe Meriken Oriental

Lounged around my room a bit while replying to whatsapp and also doing some reading on my iPad before deciding that it would be a waste to just spend the rest of my evening in the room. So left hotel once again for the 2nd time in the day around 740pm to take a nice long walk over to Harborland next.


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