A Chinese Ghost Story 倩女幽魂 (1987) – 黎明不要來

Taking a break from my travel entries for yet another music post 😛

Was having a random conversation in branch whatsapp group about Wu Ma’s recent passing and the conversation went on to about 倩女幽魂 (the original 1987 movie). Noted my comment in the whatsapp group that 2 out the trio in the movie (Lesile Cheung and Wu Ma) have passed on in life and gone elsewhere ……Poigant and sad in a way.

Went to youtube yesterday while working in the office, and did a search for this subtheme that was played in the movie (rewatched it last year on my iPad). Lesser known than the theme song that Lesile sang, but 黎明不要來 comes up in the appropriate moments to heighten the romantic tension (you have to watch the movie again like what I did to get what I mean). It is also a testament to Sally Yeh’s power as a singer. You hardly get such power singers in the pop scene these days, which means 80s cantopop such a classic!


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