Japan 2013: Day 7 Kyoto Part 1


Rise and shine in Kyoto, and in my cosy cabin!

Woke up around 7. Washed up and proceeded to spend a bit of time doing some last min research/surfing on my iPad before finally heading out for breakfast around 9+.

Sorely a quick breakfast at Caffe Veloce (a Japanese coffee chain)  at the building right outside First Cabin as my plan for the day was to head to Nishiki Market and then to Arashiyama for more autumn colours. The coffee and sandwich were normal at best ……


Then it was to Shijo subway station to purchase the 1 day bus pass (for the day’s travels) …. then a walk to Nishiki Market. As researched the night before and in the morning, Nishiki market is a 10 min walk from Shijo station – which means I’m right smack in the vicinity.


Also chanced upon a Krispy Kreme outlet in the subway station,and made a mental note to come back the next day for breakfast 😛

Had to use Exit 15 as 16 was closed off due to renovation (as a result of a fire if I’m not wrong). It was a pretty long walk down the underpass which also cuts through the Hankyu Karasuma station. So got onto the ground level of Daimaru. I even went down to B1 to have a peek at the food hall before going back up and continuing my walk to the market. Reached around 1030Hrs ……


Read online the night before that a quite few of the stalls in the market close on Wednesdays. Nevertheless decided to visit as planned before I head to Araishiyama for the greater part of the afternoon. The 1st 2 shops that were open – selling fried snacks and packaged kyoto style side dishes. Made a mental note to come back here to pick up some stuff before I leave Kyoto the next day. Could have bought on the spot but there is the concern of expiry dates for foodstuff + also I did not want to carry them all the way to Arashiyama ……

Nishiki Market 1

Right opposite was a stall selling fresh seafood (with a corner for sushi). Also spotted a matcha stall and interestingly a pottery shop selling pots and bowls and various cutlery (probably the shop SM was telling me about as well). At the end of the pottery shop was a small cafe corner ……

2014-02-16 18.37.45

Next, the famous Tofu Doughnuts shop located right at the end of the 1st shopping block. Behind the shop is a corner (street facing) that sells the soft serve tofu ice-cream, doughnuts and other tofu related snacks.


As famous as the doughnuts were, I ended up having a soft serve Tofu ice-cream instead as it feels shiok to have one in cold/cool weather 😛 ….. Managed to get an ‘artistic’ shot of my ice-cream against the background after 3-4 tries (initially tried to include a lady wearing pink in the shot as well which would have made a nice contrast but a van had to pass by at that moment, duh) …….


More interesting sights along the market. The shop with a small window and a colourful mural is actually a cafe serving wine and select western bites. Interesting! Apart from the usual Japanese foods, also saw a raw meat shop and a wine shop as well ……

Nishiki Market 2

Reached the end of 6 blocks. Further up was the Nishiki Tenmagu Shrine (the entrance is marked by the torii gate and hanging lanterns) …… while to the east is the Teramachi Shopping Arcade (for more shopping if desired) ……

Nishiki Market 3

The plan was to stay at the market for 45min to 1 hour max before heading to Araishiyama. So skipped Teramachi and turned back to walk all the way back down. It was around 1050 Hrs and the crowd is gradually starting to stream in ……


Chanced upon a small stall selling fresh sushi and another stall selling fresh sauteed vegetables. Made a mental note to come back to get the Kyoto style mackererl and leaf sushi either later in the evening (if the stall is still open after 5 or the next day). Elected not to buy for now as the plan was to have lunch at Araishiyama + also the fact that there is no fridge at First Cabin ……



Also noted that there are a lot of small cafes/ramen/soba outlets where I could have taken my breakfast, which would have been way more interesting than the very average coffee and sandwich I had earlier (where’s Doutor when you need one??) …… Nevermind.

The end of my walk at Nishiki Market. Walked out to the main street to take a bus to Kyoto Station next.


A pretty good guide to Nishiki Market here – http://kyotofoodie.com/nishiki-market-kyoto-no-daidokoro-kyotos-kitchen/

As Arashiyama is located on the outskirts of Kyoto City, I had to first take a bus from Shijo back to Kyoto Station to take the JR Sagano line. Got off the bus and went into the Portia underground mall. Walked around a bit and at the same time, found a seat to sit down and eat the the pack of Chicken Karaage I bought from Nishiki Market market (400 JPY) ……

2014-02-17 01.03.54

Next up – Arashiyama!


One thought on “Japan 2013: Day 7 Kyoto Part 1

  1. Great walk-through of some of Kyoto’s markets, shopping arcades, food stalls. I had a 3-day stop in the city back in 2007 but spent most of my time looking at temples lol. Will have to go back and check out the other parts of the city.

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