Japan 2013: Day 7 Kyoto Part 2


Having the JR Pass meant that I was able to take the JR Sagano Line to Saga-Arashiyama Station (6 stops from Kyoto Station) without having to buy addtional subway and bus passes. Being the peak season, plus Arashiyama being a popular autumn foliage spot, the trains were all packed to the brim.

Reached Saga-Arashiyama around noon. Once again, same as what I did the day before, decided to follow the itinerary set out in Japan Guide for Arashiyama. So the first place on the agenda was Tenryuji Temple. Unlike what the maps indicate, Tenryuji was not so easy to find. Had to walk into a Lawson’s to ask for clearer directions before finally reaching Tenryuji around 1230 Hrs.

2014-02-18 02.41.39




Beautiful autumn leaves along the long walk to the temple’s main buildings ……

2014-02-18 03.00.13

Fallng maple leaves (close-up) along the way ……


There’s a Zen Vegetarian restaurant located on the temple grounds. Also spotted the main hall being barricaded (under renovations till year 2014). Tenryuji is also registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site – and part of the Historical Monuments of Ancient Kyoto.

2014-02-18 03.11.12

2014-02-20 00.21.07

Not able to go into this buildng but spotted a photo taking opportunity when I saw 1 or 2 photographers taking photos of the autumn view through the door/window – which serves as a frame for the photo itself. (Note: Edited the original by doing some cropping and colour saturation via snapseed to bring out the colours) ……

2014-01-29 14.05.54

Right in the middle of the temple buildings is a garden with a beautiful pond. The landscape garden has gorgeous autumn colours!

Tenryuji 1

The Zen Vegetarian restaurant with its entrance adorned by autumn leaves ……


Venturing off to a footpath on the hilly side of the temple (as the temple is surrounded by the Arashiyama mountains) ……


Tenryuji 2

One small little tibit about the above collage. There was a woman who put her son (in stroller) at a spot while she went down to below the footpath to take a picture of him. Luckily Japan is a pretty safe country.

Colourful autumn leaves admist the bamboo trees on the Arashiyama mountains ……

Tenryuji 3

Juxtaposition ……

Tenryuji 4

Guan Yin Statue and wishing well ……



Finally back one round to the other end of the pond ……

Tenryuji 5

Am grateful that it was a bright and clear day, and yet cooling …… which made the walk around Tenryuji a pleasant one (despite the crowds) ……

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