Weekends & Reflections

Had a bit of time to myself over the past 2 weekends. So naturally apart from catching up on my dramas/movies (less successful trying to get quality work done though) …… got to recollect on some thoughts and observations and decidedly came to some conclusions on certain people/incidents.

1st Incident that happened 2 weekends ago – i.e the Friday that was Valentine’s Day (14th Feb). Suddenly heard from a client some not so positive stuff. Apparently her daughter (also my client) told her to relay a message to me – which is not to call her until she is ready (then she’ll call me).

At first instance, it sounded like I was harassing her/calling at the wrong time …… but of course this was far from the truth. The truth is – she told me she is ready to meet me in mid-February. Thus I called on Tuesday 11 Feb. Client then told me that she would have to postpone the meeting for the time being due to busy schedule …… which to me is fine. So why this type of message ‘passed’ to me. The mum kept explaining to me that the daughter feels ‘paiseh’ but I have none of this BS. Actually you have already told me you can’t meet right? So what’s your problem? If there is a problem, tell me straight!

The problem here is not that the meet-up being postponed. The REAL PROBLEM is the way the message is being delivered and communicated to me – which makes me a lot more angry than not getting to see the client. In life, do not do unto others what others may do unto you. You having work stress, personal problems and throwing tantrums at your family (as hinted by mother) doesn’t give you the right to throw a tantrum/fit of your own and behave ‘inapropriately’ and thinking that you are entitled/right in doing so. For all you know, the person at the receiving end of your tantrum has issues his/her own to deal with …… and yet still tries to treat you nicely and professionally as rightfully so. I almost wanted to write back an email to the said person about this issue …… but fortunately to a certain degree I did not get down to doing so as I was caught up with other matters. Lucky me. Will still need to write a follow-up email on the replacement policy but this has become an own-time-own-target item on my to-do list now since there are more important things that need my attention now.

Anyway had a bad headachne that Friday after getting pissed, so packed up early & had dinner cum catch-up with JT. And a panadol which helped me to sleep off the headache …… and gave me a great deep sleep as well 🙂

2nd Incident – that happened last Wednesday. Some idiot (said person behaved so idiotically that I can’t even be bothered to use an acronym here) confronted me about not receiving/responding to a whatsapp message on take-away lunch!

So childish and annoying right? First and foremost, I called J in the office at 1105am to ask her what she wanted me to get at Amoy Food Centre since I am most likely to be early (plus no heavy bag as laptop is in office). Got to office around 1215 with lunch and subsequently we went to pantry to eat while I left my phone to charge at the table (since it was flat) …… the so-big deal whatsapp was sent at 1235 hrs – when my phone was left to charge on the table while at the same time we were eating in the pantry! Of course never see lah ……

Its just an offer to pack some korean food – just pack for whoever responds right? First said person went to ask J why she did not pick up the phone call asking about lunch (I think she left her phone in her bag, thus missed it) …… when said person found out I packed lunch for J, he/she walked by and without even bothering to greet me properly, just simply throw the comment on ‘How come you did not receive my message in whatsapp?” ….. Hello! Just because I helped da bao lunch for J …… and was one step ahead of you, you are so butt hurt and have to talk to me condescendingly in this matter? We help our friends because we want to, and not because we do things with a motive i.e. to score brownie points. For god’s sake, it is only bulgogi take-away, not sharks fin take-away. You need to be so butt-hurt?

Apart from simplying replying “eaten already” – I just felt that there was nothing that I needed to explain/justify …… since it is not sharks fin lunch to begin with! Don’t try to play politics / manipulate situations using lunch. So fake and so despicable! In a way its good that this incident happened, for it serves to confirm my gut feel after all …… and a sign to keep arms length with such fake/manpulative people who try to play politics.  As my personal motto goes these days – always trust your instincts. Of course we don’t aim to think the worse of people, but unfortunately, there is also not much point trying to convince ourselves that this is indeed the case when their actions have proven otherwise time and time again!



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