Japan 2013: Day 7 Kyoto Part 4


The journey back from Kameoka to Saga Torokko. Due to change of plan, only managed to get a ticket for the free standing cabin right at the end of the train for the return journey.

Despite having no seat, and having to stand for the good part of the 25 min 1 way journey …… being in the free standing cabin actually gave me a way superior view of the autumn foliage and surrounding Hozu River (the very reason why I included this as a must-do in my itinerary) …… and also enjoyed the cold wind blowing into the cabin (the windows are open air unlike the reserved cabins).

2014-02-24 00.57.55

Sagano Scenic Rail 3

There were also some dressed up characters who went onto the train to take photos with the passengers (and probably sell them later if I’m not wrong) …… not in the mood for that though. So no pictures 😛

Got back to Saga Torokko around 415pm …… and begin my walk down to the Togetsukyo Bridge. Got on to the left side of the bridge (the plan was to head north on the left side …… then make a round turn back on the opposite sidewalk).

Still pretty bright (around 435pm) although the sun should be starting to set by now …… The bridge is right across the huge Hozu River (what I saw earlier on the Sagano Scenic Rail was only part of the river). Nice expansive views while watching the sun gradually set ……

Togetsukyo Bridge 1

At the other side of the river after crossing the bridge. It is a park that looks out to the river. Saw a few street food stores set up randomly in the park area ……

2014-02-28 22.08.43

Started taking pictures of the long bridge, exploring various angles and shots, as well as the river below the bridge ……



Then crossed over to the other side of the bridge. Saw more clearly the bulk of the autumn leaves on the mountains behind the bridge.


More close-up views of the shops across the other end of the bridge, the bridge and the river ……

2014-03-01 18.26.51

Originally slated in the sample itinerary was a visit to Monkey Park Iwatayama. Given its closing time at 1700 Hrs + not exactly that interested to visit (let alone even walk another 15 min there) …… skipped it and headed on the bridge walking back to where I came from.

More photo taking on the walk back. Saw some old style fishing boats on the moutain side of the river. A pity that my digital camera zoom could only go as far as it could ……

2014-03-01 18.44.50

It was already 5.05pm when I finished my walk up and down the bridge. Sunset!


Left the bridge and walked back to the shops further down for a much needed toilet break cum coffee/snack break. Went in to explore this particular building with loads of food stalls (very much like a food stall concept). Did not manage to find any nice Japanese cafe in the vicinity (there was a Trully’s located in the building though) …… so ended up with a Koayu crepe from one of the stalls instead. It is a Japanese style pancake wrapped with a filling. Chose cappuccino flavour …… the piping hot pancake was great comfort food with the slightly chilly weather (even with my down jacket on).

2014-03-01 21.35.53

Explored further into the building and realised that the very building itself is actually the Keifuku Arashiyama Station – where another private railway line Keifuku Railways run here. It is also known as the Randen – as the Arashiyama line is tram based. Did spot the ‘Kimono Forest’ at the platform but didn’t take any pictures.

Thinking about it now, as I am blogging this, I could have just taken the Randen tram back to Omiya (20 min journey), and from Omiya change either the Hankyu rail or bus back to Shijo (faster route overall) ……. as versus to taking the JR Sagano line back to Kyoto as I did eventually. There are probably lots more stuff to see and do in Arashiyama, and would have loved to enjoy a tea break/dinner at one of the restaurants alongside the river (e.g. Yoshimura) but since my plan was good for 1/2 day at best, left Arashiyama and headed back to Kyoto Station area as the sky begins to darken rapidly.

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