Japan 2013: Day 8 Last Moments In Kyoto & Back To Tokyo Part 2


Stepping into the main hall and the autumn foliage that overlooks from the verandas at the main hall.


Kiyomizudera 3


A view of the famed veranda. You may be able to spot a tiny speck right amongst the clear blue sky – that is Kyoto Tower in the distance!


Close up of the buildings right below the temple / main hall itself ……


Worshippers at the main hall ……


Looking down the veranda on the Otowa Waterfall right at the bottom of the main hall with its 3 streams which represent success at school, longevity and a forunate love life. However one should drink from one and not be greedy to drink from all three ……


Zoomed in onto the veranda and did not ‘see’ any nail in its construction. Indeed Kiyomizudera is the temple ‘without nails’ ……


As versus the earlier autumn foliage I saw over the past 2 days in Kyoto, the leaves here look dried and peaked ……


Finally some nicer autumn foliage as I walked to the end of the main hall/veranda ……


Huge crowds indeed. In addition to being peak season (for tourists), there were many school children on excursion too (centre picture – one of my favourite shots). Also accidentally got 1 shot of 3 ladies in a kimono when I was picking up something on the floor ……

Kiyomizudera 4

Would have loved to write a wish on the wooden ema (like what I did back at Meiji Jingu during my last trip) but the crowd detered me from doing so …… A bit regretful now ……


There is a small shrine right beside the main hall …… at the corner as I walked towards the veranda right across the main hall (while on the way down to the basement – Kiyomizudera is perched righ on top of a mountainous range) ……


Jisu Shrine is also known as a ‘love’ shrine, as it is a shrine specially dedicated to the deity of love and matchmaking.

Jisu Shrine 1

The famous ‘love stone’ – where it is said that you will be successful in finding love if you can walk across/find your way from one stone to the other (with your eyes closed). Nope, didn’t try that 😛


There are also a few other deities that you can pray to for general good luck as well ……

Jisu Shrine 2

You can read more in depth about Jisu Shrine here as well ……

Left Jisu Shrine and walked back onto the veranda overlooking the main hall of Kiyomizudera. This is also the spot where you can get the postcard looking images of Kiyomizudera (similar to those you’ll see in magazines/blogs/articles) 😀 ……

Kiyomizudera 5


More autumn foliage …..


It was almost 1pm when I finally reached the base of the main hall (this means I have spent a really long time taking pictures earlier at the main hall and Jisu Shrine :P) ……


And finally to the waterfall, where I took a few sips from one stream (and prayed for blessings) ……


The main hall looks really high up, as I wait in line for my turn at the waterfall ……


One last look at the pond right below the main hall and Kiyomizudera itself ….


One of my favorite set of photos. Looked out to the clear bright blue sky with the nice fluffy clouds decorating the sky as I leave Kiyomizudera. No selfie at the entrance as it was full of tourists taking their group photos ……



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