Progress: Bio Clock & My Ideal Work Day

One of my major 2014 resolutions was to work on my bio-clock and in the process improve my time management. The ideal looked like this ……


Since January, I have been consistently logging down my sleep and wake-up times, timings I leave the house and reach home. Initial timings were pretty far from the ‘ideal’ as above …… But the logging was useful in allowing me to monitor how I use my time daily, and from there, make the necessary adjustments via the setting of daily goals/targets. Slowly & steadily, my wake up times adjusted from 0930 …. to 0830 …. and finally hit the sweet spot  last week at 0730 to 0735 (due to Rockwills Estate Planner course).

Then just when I thought I have successfully done the adjustment and made the habit stick (and in the process ticked off 1 major item on my resolutions list) …… however due to PMS and bad mood + dislike of my current office environment in general, I have been lasping back into the old pattern of waking up after 9-plus, and not being able to have a headstart on my day as much as I would have liked. Not only that, have been skipping my Tuesday gym/workout sessions for the past 2 weeks as well due to course & PMS, and also taking a longer time to fall asleep (a definite sign that I need to make myself more busy and more tired).

So I suppose after all the good momentum, the slight down/blip that I have been experiencing this week is probably what I intended to write about earlier – taking 1 step back in order to take 2 steps forward!

Time to get back on track to my intended routine (Early Headstart, 4 Day Week In Office, Back To 2 Workouts A Week, Weekly Reading/Audio etc.) …… And will be shutting down my computer after finishing this entry 🙂


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