Japan 2013: Day 9 Odaiba + Venturing Out To Kamakura & Yokohama Part 1


Be careful of what you wish for 😛

As I decided to take things easier after coming into to Tokyo feeling tired due to the long day in Kyoto + lugging my luggage down the stairs while exiting Hamamasutcho station …… the plan today will be to head to Odaiba, following by a trip out of Tokyo to Kamakura and Yokohama.

Woke up a fair bit later (around 830am) as compared to the past couple of days back in Kansai. Started my day really late as a result as I dily-dalyed and got down to the lobby around 1040 …… and missed the breakfast by a whisker. Villa Fontaine actually serves complimentary breakfast but having read on Tripadvisor that the food and especially the coffee is pretty bad, had no intention to really eat …… but at least 1-2 breads would be good to fill the tummy until I reach my next destination.

Quickly checked my whatsapp + some info on my iPad at the lobby (the only place in the hotel with wi-fi) before heading back to Hamamatsucho station.  This time round, I took the exactly same route that I 1st took back the previous evening (to check-in and drop off my luggage) …… and luckily did not get lost 😛

A view of Kyu Shiba Rikyu Garden located right next to Hamamatsucho Station from the train station walkway …… no way to photoshop off the lines on the picture as the lines were part of the window. Great to know that it is yet another bright and clear day in Tokyo!

Blur me ended up on the wrong platform again …… and instead of going to Shimbashi Station (1 stop away), I went the other direction towards Tokyo Station. Since I ended up at Tokyo Station yet again, decided to take an opportunity to grab a bite (since I did not manage to have any breakfast), and ended up with a custard bread from the Select Market within the station itself.

Tokyo Station Bread

This simple assuming piece of cream bread turned out to be one of the most delicious custard breads I ever had in my life! Oishii!!

Since I was already at Tokyo Station, I headed towards the Marunouchi side where the JR Office is located – and reserved my return tickets for my planned day trip to Fuji Five Lakes (only reserved the morning train tickets the night before) …… and this time round, hopped onto the Yamanote Line to Shimbashi (finally) …… It only occured to me after reaching Shimbashi that I could have done train reservations at Shimbashi JR ticket office as well. Why the hell did I go one round to Tokyo Station and back …… duh!

Walked across to the Yurikamome Station to board the automated train (no drivers) to head into Odaiba! Taking the Rinkai Line (saw a transit at Oimachi on Day 1) would probably be faster as it runs underground, but like what I had done on my last trip, took the preferred Yurikamome line so as to enjoy the gorgeous views of the Tokyo landscape above ground …… and also the fact that the Yurikamome line runs parallel to the Rainbow Bridge itself (right below the major highway) ……

Processed with Moldiv

2014-04-06 23.12.43

Saw the Ferris Wheel (Daikanransha) and the Suntory Building (a very modernistic building where you are able to see through its windows the office workers hard at work even on the train) ……

2014-04-06 23.21.43

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