My April 1st ……

End of 1st Quarter of 2014 …… and April 1st signifies the start of 2nd Quarter 2014!

It also means I’m coming closer to my banding year close …. and even more closer attention needed to my cases by end May!

Had a long yet fulfilling day (Monday March 31st) to end off March and 1st Quarter …… branch PPI 1st thing in the morning at 10am, followed by preparation for an appointment, then dinner cum meeting/update with a friend/client itself.  Wanted to get working on some tracking/updates (business admin) but was too tired to do so and so ended up not touching any work upon returning home ……

So decided to take things a bit easier the moment I woke up. Fiddled around the laptop while deciding whether to work from home or head to office, then gym. Decided that I needed the workout (and some cardio especially) in order to get back to the twice a week routine again ….. so after lunch at home, headed to the office and reached around 2pm. Noted not that much difference if Iwere to reach office by 12 noon, head out to lunch and then come back.

Found it hard to get going as the sleepiness kicked in fairly quickly after an early lunch at home. Got myself my usual coffee, and then settled down and managed to finalise a proposal and got it emailed out – that’s another item off my to-do list! Did a few other miscellaneous stuff before shutting down and leaving close to 7 for the gym …… Almost didn’t make it to the gym as I was really feeling the effects of a long day the day before, and contemplated skipping the workout. However trudged myself to the gym (so as not to waste the effort of packing my gym bag) …… got some crab nuggets from Old Chang Kee (as comfort food) and revised my workout plan to a short cardio cum resistance workout indoors instead of an outdoor run as originally planned. Did try a new exercise that I saw from an email newsletter earlier in the morning – lunges combined with bicep curls (using free weights). Sounds deceiptively simple but no, felt the achne in my legs, and then my arms right into the next day 😛

Thankful that there was leftover chicken & noodles at home, which saved me the trouble of hunting for dinner post workout. After dinner, continued to work on the tracking/business admin that I didn’t manage to work on the night before ……

Pretty uneventful April 1st for myself …… But lest not we forget, April 1st is also the 11th year of Lesile Cheung’s passing. Much lesser fanfare on his 11th anniversary as versus to last year’s 10th anniversary Miss You Much Lesile’s celebrations. Nevertheless, I set my iTunes playlist + my mp3 playlist for the greater part of the day to Lesile’s songs as a way to remember him by ……


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