Japan 2013: Day 9 Odaiba + Venturing Out To Kamakura & Yokohama Part 2


Finally at one of my favourite places in Tokyo – Odaiba!

Greeted by a clear blue sky as I walk towards the wooden deck (starting from AquaCity) where you get picturesque views of the replica Statue of Liberty …… and the Rainbow Bridge (which we have crossed earlier on the Yurikamome Line) to get to Odaiba!

Odaiba 1

It was already 1245 Hrs and my stomach is kind of rumbling (since I only had 1 bread from late morning till now) …… but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get some great shots of my favourite Rainbow Bridge on a clear blue day. So more photo taking πŸ˜›

Didn’t manage to get the 3 different angles of the Statue + Bridge that I did in my previous trip …… but still feels good having a different perspective of the replica Statue in the daytime + also managed to get a selfie thanks to a Japanese who could speak English (he mentioned that he just came to Japan from US), heh ……

2014-04-09 01.13.33

The water taxis going across Tokyo Bay, to and fro from Odaiba to Tokyo mainland. With the close up, you can see Tokyo’s skyscrapers (and Tokyo Tower) in the backdrop against Rainbow Bridge ……


Withered trees ……


Walked straight down the wooden deck till I reached Decks Tokyo Beach, which is another shopping centre right beside Aqua City. When you turn left, the platform leads to an elevator which leads you down to the Odaiba Seaside Park, and also the pier to the water taxis.


Right beside the park is the beach. Took a couple of shots of the beach from the platform. Saw children playing with the birds and managed to zoom in to capture a shot. Was less successful in capturing the flying birds more vividly though πŸ˜›



Was really hungry after all that photo taking. It was already 10 min past 1 and I seriously need to get some food in my stomach! One major thing that I set out to do in Odaiba this time round is to get a lunch with a view. The view being that of the Rainbow Bridge πŸ˜›

Saw Bills on Decks level 1. The restaurant doesn’t look crowded but there were 2 people in the quene outside. So decided against eating at Decks. As much as I would really love to check out the food at Decks since my last trip till now, wanting to get to Kamakura early (before 4pm) meant that a quick lunch is way more feasible rather than having to quene and wait!


Went up and down and finally found a restaurant at level 6 to settle down for lunch. Can’t read the Japanese wording but from the pictures at the entrance, they serve Japanese style western, with a freeflow salad buffet thrown in for lunch. Great deal so I went in and settled down to a seat facing out the window and the Rainbow Bridge!


Ordered the hamburger steak (my 1st one in 9 days so far) + ebi + pasta combo …… together with the free flow salad, it made for a filling and nutritous lunch given that there will be more walking to do for the remainder of the day! Best of all, enjoyed my lunch with a view looking out to Rainbow Bridge on a clear bright day, all for 1380 JPY only! One of the best lunches I had despite gobbling down my food quickly!

2014-04-09 02.13.17

Finished my lunch and left the restaurant at 2pm. Decided that it would be a waste if I only saw the beach from the platform …… So took the elevator down & snapped a couple pictures.


Tried to be abstract by taking one of a man sitting at the edge of the beach ….. with an empty stroller right behind him, with the Rainbow Bridge as a backdrop. As for the middle picture, did some editing to the original sometime back in Jan and submitted this version for a photo contest organized by VisitJapan.

Would have loved to go into the Fuji TV building and up to its observation deck (the sphere shape part of the building) but no time for that as I would want to get to Kamakura before sunsets at 430pm. Something to do for future trips, ha! And so its time to say goodbye to Odaiba and head to Kamakura next!

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