Wednesday Thoughts: Choices & Being Proactive

Decided to interrupt my work for a bit to get this out of my mind, as I deem the need to.

Anyway some thoughts crept into my mind this morning, some stuff about work, the people around me etc.

Someone once told me,or rather advised me that there is no need to ‘chase’/follow up on clients/prospects as they will naturally come back when they are ready. Come to think of it, this comes in direct conflict with common sales logic of following up with prospects to find out whether the proposal is in line with their needs, any concerns to address etc. ….. as this is financial needs we are talking about, rather than buying a commodity product!

This aside, that same person even tried to insulate by making subtle comments/assumptions to the tune of the following – you must be pestering your clients until they just simply buy a small plan from you. Come to think of it,  this doesn’t make sense at all. First how can you assume I am pestering my clients …… unless you examine my phone records right? Even more ludicrous is the fact that I had actually allowed myself to believe that this comment about me is the ‘truth’. Lack of confidence and faith in myself – yes, which is why I allowed myself to be manipulated unknowingly, sigh ……

If I were to put myself in the shoes of my client as a layman, I would definitely prefer to work with a professional/adviser who is proactive, and keeps me up-to-date on latest happenings irregardless of whether I am ready to buy or not. The second point is very important as it demonstrates that the professional/adviser is up to date with what is happening around him/her …… rather than just seling what his/her company says is good! As learnt in first monthly combinted focus group + the now weekly branch focus group, it is important to regularly go back to client to keep their plans updated as the marketplace changes and their needs evolve/change as well. The recent term promotions and repricing is a good case in point!

Also, if I am the client, I would prefer to buy from a person who is enthusiastic and proactive, rather than from a cold and arrogant adviser who thinks he/she is greather than thou. So having to hear such old school thoughts from your immediate supervisor does make me seriously wonder if said person well and truly has my interests at heart, or is just telling me, no – boasting as ego trip to make himself/herself self-important! Yikes!

Worse of all, this totally conflicts with my values as a person. Regretfully, this is the harm a manipulator can do to you.

And not just this, as I reflect back and make the necessary changes to my business processes and models, there were also many bad advice given to me, at times to my deterrent. Not going into details as I try to keep to the title of my entry.

Bottomline, as I make decisions on the role and positioning I want to be as a financial adviser (which is to be a relationship manager with a long term strategic planning focus rather than being a executor/tracker/wealth manager) – one of the things which encompass my goal/ideal is to be a proactive adviser. I reckon its better to be proactive and get rejected/objected …… rather than being passive and later on, get upset at being rejected/objected (this of which, I have learnt to take responsiblity for rather than blaming my environment & other people).

In fact as I blog this down, I have just emailed out a proposal to a prospect that I have yet to close. As I have learnt from my weekly audio sessions + from Garry Kinder’s session that I attended – objections (potential/actual) means one step closer to the close! Hopefully 3rd time lucky this time round. Cheers!


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