Japan 2013: Day 9 Odaiba + Venturing Out To Kamakura & Yokohama Part 3


Leaving Odaiba on the Yurikamome Line back to Shinbashi. Managed to find a camera setting that works on moving trains (decrease shutter speed I think) and so the next couple of pictures turned out much clearer. The train does 1 rotation around the port area after leaving the Rainbow Bridge …… and so this should be the Hinode Pier.

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Was able to take the JR Yokosuka Line direct from Shimbashi Station (thanks to prior hyperdia research) ….. and another 50 min journey to Kamakura (while passing through Yokohama). Upon reaching JR Kamakura station, did some verification at the tourist information counter and confirmed the directions to Daibutsu / Great Buddha of Kamakura.

Walked over to the other side of the station to wait for the Enoden. The Enoden – also known as the Enoshima Electric Railway is an eletric streetcar that connects Kamakura all the way till Fujisawa. From what I have read prior to trip (online and guidebooks), the Enoden passes through the coastline of Enoshima. Keeping my fingers crossed that I will have enough time to hop onto the Enoden afterwards to pass through the Enoshima coastline to catch the beautiful sunset.


3 stops later at Hase Station, alighted and began to the walk to the Great Buddha. No scenery noteworthy during the short 3 stop Enoden ride so no pictures.

Kotokuin Temple – the buddhist temple that houses the giant statue.


Giant Buddha of Kamakura. It was 420pm when I took this picture and the sky colour made a nice contrast with the statue itself. More photos in my weekly photo challenge entry ……


You can actually enter inside the Buddha, for 20 JPY. Opted not to ……



Walked further in and saw some buildings (which should be the temple buildings I suppose). The autumn colours were not very nice here, IMO.

Kamakura 1

So this turned out to be a pretty short visit (10 to 15 mins) just to view the Giant Buddha up close being walking back to Hase Station. On my walk back, the sun is beginning to set (430pm) and the sky is a beautiful orange.


Back at Hase station and it was a 5-10 min (closer to 7min I think) for the next Enoden to arrive. Started to study the Enoden map closely. As much as I would have loved to head down to Enoshima to view the sunset along the coastline, the journey would have taken a good 1/2 hour to reach Fujisawa …… and another 1/2 hour to get back to Yokohama. Plus I would probably liked to spend more time in Enoshima itself, so looks like this will have to be carried foward to my to-do list for my future return trip ……


Enoshima Aquarium has a light up event ….. but wouldn’t have been able to make it as the aquarium closes at 430pm. Would have definitely loved to go there, especially after watching (and re-watching) Nagareboshi. Another item for my future to-do list once again 😛


Given that the Enoden is a small electric train, it moves much slower than a normal JR train (or subway). Even it was just 3 stops back to Kamakura station, it was already 5pm when I reached Kamakura. And the sky is rapidly darkening …… in a nice dark blue hue.


Since it was already dark, and impossible to make it to Yokohama by sunset (on hindsight I should have left the hotel much earlier), decided to find a place to get a much needed coffee. Earlier while heading to the Enoden station at Kamakura, saw this quaint little cafe-house called Cafe Rondino. And decided why not pop in there for a cuppa just as I needed one ……


Decided to order a german roasted blend instead of my usual long black as the lady explained to me that it is one of their specialities and its a stronger blend than normal. Definitely needed a stronger one after going without any coffee forthe entire day (this reminds me, no coffee means a cranky Wendy, which explains all the weird decisions I have mean making throughout the day) …… and it was fantastic! Not only that, it was also a nice and quaint place to be relaxing in and read a book. Best of all, prices here are pretty reasonable as well.

Ended up staying a while enjoying my coffee, and taking in the quiet atmosphere. Really happy to discover this gem of a cafe entirely by chance in an unexpected manner, especially when I had expected Kamakura to be more of a small and historic city.

As I write this now, I really should have ate either a dessert or ordered some proper food at this cafe, especially given how late I ended up having dinner later on. You can find more reviews of Cafe Rondino here:




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