First drafted the title heading on 22nd Feb 2014, and close to 2 months later, it is about time to get this out of the Drafts folder, heh!

As tweeted some time back, I had came across this word from a Brian Tracy article – 6 Obstacles To Creative Thinking & How To Overcome Them. Prior to this, someone on my whatsapp list actually has this as his/her status message …… and of course I did not understand what it actually meant until I read Brian Tracy’s article as above.

To quote from the same article, Homeotasis means:

A major obstacle to creative thinking is called “homeostasis.” This is a deep subconscious desire to remain consistent with what you have done or said in the past. It is the fear of doing or saying something new or different from what you did before.

In homeostasis, there seems to be an irresistible unconscious pressure that brings you back to doing what you have always done. Unfortunately, this tendency leads you into your own “comfort zone.”  Your comfort zone, over time, becomes a groove, and then a rut.  You become stuck. All progress stops. In no time, you begin to use your marvelous powers of rationalization to justify not changing.

Homeostasis is a major killer of human potential, which will hinder you from achieving business success.


And ding! After reading this, I understood for myself why that person put this as his/her status message on whatsapp. Not really nice to put it into details as this is a public blog after all but a light bulb definitely went off my head and let’s just say its the person up there’s way of helping me to understand why some people behave the way they do.

The manner in which some people go on to justify their reasoning …… and putting it across in a such a way to make themselves sound right (in short self-justify) and make you feel like you have said/done something wrong. Pride and ego at work! And bottomline a strong resistance to change.

So no need to hide behind such a ‘chim’ word lor. Always remember Change starts from the self – and only happens if you want it badly enough and take action! So no need to self-justify to me just to prove your point for the sake of your ego.


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