Japan 2013: Day 9 Odaiba + Venturing Out To Kamakura & Yokohama Part 4


As much as there is much to explore in Kamakura (which will probably warrant a full day trip) in the form of temples and beaches as stated in Japan Guide, my sore objective of coming to Kamakura was mainly to see the Giant Buddha. Since I’ve bought the JR Kanto Pass (mainly to cover the train trip to Fuji Five Lakes), thought I might as well make good use and maximise it by taking a trip downwards to Kamakura …… and take this opportunity to see the Giant Buddha in person whilst on route to Yokohama. So once I had finished my coffee, set off on the trian to Yokohama next.

Reached Yokohama Station around 6pm and into the after work crowd.


Feels nice to be back to a familar place (recap 2012 trip Day 1 in Yokohama) 😛 …… Took this opportunity to top up my SUICA (in order to take the Minato Mirai Line next) and take a toilet break before heading next to Osanbashi Pier – the main reason for my repeat visit to Yokohama.

Even though it was only a short 4 stop ride on the Minato Mirai Line to Nihon-odori Station (or alternatively I could take the JR Negishi Line to Kannai then walk over), but having walked through the entire stretch of Yamashita Park downwards from my last trip, I knew it was a long long walk. So better to pay the 200 JPY of subway fare to spare myself all these trouble. So got off at Nihon-odori, and just 5 mins down the station exit, here I am!



Approaching the wooden floorboard walkway (one of the unique feature of the building’s design) to the building itself (passenger terminal) and the roof garden/visitor’s deck right on top of the building and its various facilities (restaurant, exhibition hall) ……

Osanbashi Pier 1

Walking up to the visitor’s deck …. saw cruise ships parked at the pier, an illuminated Marine Tower, the Yokohama Bay Bridge, as well as parts of the old Kannai district (the lighted government building is the Kanagawa Prefectural Government Building, also known as King’s Tower).

Osabashi Pier 2

And finally to the top of the vistors deck where I walked on and on taking picture after picture and trying to figure out the best position to get that perfect postcard picture shot of the Minato Mirai skyline. Not that close to the background picture that I downloaded on my iPad (from Yokohama Vistor’s Guide Facebook) but close enough …. hopefully 😛



So it is one item off my to-do list especially having walked past and totally missed the entrance to Osanbashi Pier during my last trip!

What is so unique about Osanbashi Pier (apart from the million dollar views) is the design of the building and vistors’s deck (on top of the building) which is very cleverly integrated …… and the wooden floor boards used to construct the visitor’s deck. There are parts which mimic a ‘rolling wave’ pattern, so you actually have to walk upslope in some areas ……

Osanbashi Pier 3

Got a clearer close-up of the Yokohama Bay Bridge as well from the viewing deck ……


All in all, spent a good 45 min at Osanbashi just mainly walking around the visitor’s deck and taking photos of the Minato Mirai skyline. One last picture of the Royal Wing Cruise Ship (which is a cruise around the Yokohama pier waters) which was parked right at the pier just when I started to walk back towards Nihon-odori ……


As I was leaving the pier, I counted that there were about 10 or more so joggers/runners running towards the Osanbashi Pier (and 1 round of the Visitor’s Deck) and back. The slopes do make Osanbashi a great training route 😛

Walking back towards the main road. Looks like a pub/cafe to it. A nice piece of architecture though ……


Same as what I did back in my year 2012 trip, reached the main road and decided to get on to the Yamashita Rinko Line Promenade (this time round, at its halfway point though) and head over to Red Brick Warehouse / Aka-Renga Soko. Unlike my last trip where I just kept walking straight, this time round I took a slight detour into the Zou-no-Hana Park …… also known as Elephant Trunk’s Park, which is why you see a small elephant (in the open space in front of the gallery building).

Yokohama 1

And getting close to the Red Brick Warehouse / Aka-Renga Soko!



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