Japan 2013: Day 9 Odaiba + Venturing Out To Kamakura & Yokohama Part 5


A pretty quick 10 to 15 min walk and I’m back at the Red Brick Warehouse / Aka Renga Soko once again. (Recap: Day 1 of my 2012 trip)

Noted this wall detail while looking for a washroom yet again ……


Walked up the middle flight of stairs looking for Motion Blue Yokohama but ended up chancing upon this other restaurant called Beer Next instead. Wouldn’t have minded a beer after all that walking but the menu didn’t seem interesting + the prices were a bit of a put off as well ……


Managed to locate Motion Blue at the other end of level 3 and to continue the series of dubious judgements for the day, did not go in and have dinner there when I really should have done so (considering that main courses were not that expensive here as well + to check out this famed restaurant known for its live music) ……


Ended up walking out to the balcony area which looks across to the harbourside (Note: pretty empty on a Friday night as no patrons seated outside for dinner) …… Walked further down and found the “Happiness Bell” at the end of the balcony.

2014-04-21 00.29.43

The food outlets and various merchandise on level 1. Found Akarenga themed cider and beer at the Kaldi Coffee Farm outlet as well. Now as I type, I ought to have bought 1 bottle to try, missed opportunity, sigh ……

Red Brick Warehouse 1

Located Bills at the end of Level 1. Same situation as in Odaiba earlier in the day, there was a quene outside. Not in the mood to quene unfortunately, for the 2nd time in a day. So got out of the building and snapped more pictures ……

Processed with Moldiv

Between the 2 warehouses was this huge space. When I was here back in December 2012, there was a christmas fair going on. This time round, it felt really empty and even more so with the lack of a crowd on a Friday night …… And so walked further down right to the park behind the 2 warehouses to snap some shots of the illuminated ships along the harbour.

2014-04-21 10.48.46

Left Red Brick Warehouse at around 805pm ….. And right across the road was World Porters Complex and at the other junction – Navios Yokohama. No drinks at the Seamen’s Club bar this time round, but went into the lobby for a sit down cum wireless break for about 10min …… And it feels good to be back 🙂


Did the same walk down the Kishamichi Promenade back to the JR Sakuragicho Station to take a train back to Tokyo. Had a lot of pictures of the Minato Mirai area (with Ferris Wheel) from my last trip, so took very little along my walk this time round.

Yokohama 2

Could have probably take 1 stop down to Kannai to Katsuretsu An for tonkatsu dinner but decided that I didn’t want to walk anymore as the Kehihin-Tohoku-Negishi Line would bring me down directly into Tokyo. Another ‘not-so-good’ decision now that I sit back and reflect upon it ……


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