Japan 2013: Day 9 Odaiba + Venturing Out To Kamakura & Yokohama Part 6


Was deciding what to do next as I head back to Tokyo from Yokohama. While on the train, I decided that since the Keihin Tohoku line will pass through both Hamamasutcho and Shimbashi …… and since I have yet to eat dinner (and there’s nothing much to eat at Hamamasutcho) ….. and since I had a day Yurikamome Line day pass …… and most importantly its a bit of a waste to end my day at 9+ and just go back to the hotel (as much as I should, as I had an early train to catch the next day), will drop off at Shimbashi and then take 1 stop via Yurikamome Line to Shiodome to see the Caretta Illumination, and then get dinner in the area.

Sounds like a good plan yeah …… and so when I dropped off at Shiodome station and peeked out from Shiodome station platform, I saw ZERO light-ups! So made another dubious/strange decision – hopped back onto the Yurikamome Line train to head back into Odaiba!

Sidenote: Did some googling as I am writing out this entry. It seems that the Caretta Mall is actually on B2 of Caretta Shiodome, which explains why I didn’t not see any light-ups from the station platform. And there are quite a bit of stuff to see and do (and eat) in Shiodome as well. Missed opportunity, sigh ……

And so, this time round back to Odaiba sorely to catch a snapshot of the giant Gundam outside DiverCity Tokyo Plaza. I have seen the Gundam illumination during my previous trip …… but no photos as my camera battery went flat right at that instance. Thus decided to go back and capture that to fill in the puzzle this time round. It was a long 15 min walk from Daiba Station (the station in front of AquaCity where I got off) as I have got to walk pass the Fuji TV Building before getting to the traffic junction and turn right and walk straight all the way towards DiverCity. Tokyo Teleport Station (via Rinkai Line) would have been the nearer station and I see many coming out from Tokyo Teleport as well (rather than Daiba Station).

After reaching DiverCity, there is still 1 long walk through across the shopping centre in order to get to the Giant Gundam right at the other end of DiverCity (facing Palette Town). No more illumination show (think it ends around 9-plus) …… so had to be content snapping some pictures in its not-so-illuminated state 😛

Odaiba 2

In addition to the Giant Gundam, there is also a Gundam Cafe and a Gundam Front Complex (entrance fee applies) at the area around the Giant Gundam. However not really interested in that 😛 …… What caught my attention though was this lighted display at a corner of DiverCity.

Odaiba 3

Walked up and took a closer look. This turned out to be a pop-up promotion for the recently released movie ‘Hidamari no Kanojo‘ starring Ueno Juri and Matsumoto Jun (Arashi). Very nice illumination and very romantic as well (very much in line with the movie’s storyline) …… my favourite being the guitar right in the middle of the stairway. There is also music playing along with the change of colours along the stairs and on the guitar iself. Nice!

A little past 10 as I finally made my way back to Daiba Station to take the train back to Tokyo mainland. Didn’t manage to get any dinner at DiverCity as most of the outlets at the foodcourt were already closed. When I reached Daiba Station, I realised that there was another shortcut from the open plaza that will lead up to the Gundam entrance of DiverCity (admist the lighted trees adorning the path) …… that could have saved me 10 mins of walking, arghhh …… By the time I got back to Shimbashi and then to Hamamasutcho, it was close to 11 and so had to be content with pasta dinner from Lawsons. Thinking about it now, I should have just eaten at Yokohama or at Shimbashi (found out online later that there are a lot of food outlets open till late at night to cater to salarymen). Well ….. bad planning on my part!

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