Putting Into Context My Epiphany

In a nutshell, lousy lousy day today that began with a train delay …… following which forgetting to bring my laptop adapter (so can’t do work in office) …… a situation that simply confirms something (see below) that my instinct has proven to be so …… telling someone off for making a whole shitload of excuses (situation was that he/she had sufficient time from morning to afternoon to get the trade checked through and approved but simply did not do so, and proceed to give me a crapload of BS) …… and forgetting to bring my iPad cable home!! Really really needed one, so went out to JP after dinner, and managed to find one (Valore brand) at Challenger and got a 25% discount (thanks to Bro’s Challenger membership). A nice end to a sucky day 😛

Before I deviate too much, not convenient to disclose details as to what happened at work that made me so pissed. In summary, let’s just say a ‘bad’ client raised some alarms. And it was probably good for me to get the rejection now, than to have this issue dragging on and on. It just further enhances the fact that I need to have the moral courage to reject clients that will be a bad fit for the ideal business model that I’m trying to build. If anything, clients with opaque goals (as versus to SMART goals – that are specific and clear) are probably not serious about financial planning to begin with. And turning up late / not bothering at all to set aside time for meetings after making a big show about how your planner has to take into account your big picture goals rather than selling you a product!

An article that I archived some time back sums it up perfectly.


Some quotes extracted from the article that is of relevance to this current situation/context:

“Continuing to do business with a client who disregards advice can be professionally risky, especially when a client has explicitly told an advisor that he intends to disregard that advice.”

“Sometimes it is that they can’t be bothered; they don’t want to set aside the time for the meetings that we have to review everything, …… That’s a clear sign that the fit isn’t right.” (This is 200% spot on)


Its Tuesday now as I click Publish!


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