Food Mission: Lunch @ Platypus Kitchen

Despite having a Japan entry & drama entry sitting in the drafts, had more inspiration to blog about yesterday’s post gym/workout lunch at Platypus Kitchen in Bugis Junction instead.

Post workout, it was already close to 3pm and decided that rather than to travel elsewhere for late lunch/snack, why not just make use some of my Capitamall vouchers and try out something nice (and which has been also on my to-try list for a while). Initially walked past Yogane at level 2 (former nydc outlet), but the quene was snaking long, so no Korean lunch for me 😛 …… Went up to level 3, and saw that Platypus Kitchen (located at the corner and surrounded by some re-modelling/contruction, which is so obstructive), and so decided to check them out.

First came across Platypus Test Kitchen as they started off as a small humble outlet at a corner of Clifford Centre (in Raffles Place). Was attracted by their banner displaying various creations of pasta, and when I came across this outlet at Bugis Junction (replacing the previous V8 Cafe), told myself I must definitely come and check it out.

Outlet was really empty (not sure about weekday lunch crowds as I’m no longer based at Bugis) for a Saturday afternoon. In fact Bugis Junction is not as crowded these days on a weekend (probably too many shopping centres popping up). The corner location could be a factor too (similar case with Everything With Fries on level 4, not much crowd despite being quite well-known). It has a nice spacious feel though, in line with the casual Mediterranean/Italian style cuisine that they serve.


The set menu seems a pretty deal at $16.90 (before service charge & GST) for a soup or salad, drink and main course (pasta). Oped for mushroom soup (rather than a salad) and changed my drink to a coffee (since they serve machine-based illy coffee) as I wanted something warm after already having plain water at the gym earlier. It was effectively a set dinner as I walked in after 3pm.


How a restaurant/eatery prepares its appetizers and drinks is a sign of how seriously they take their cooking. Unlike most places where the mushroom soup (which comes as part of a set lunch) is watery campbell can soup, this is a good portion-ed and good quality mushroom, where you actually find bits of wild mushroom in the soup itself …… which means that it is indeed authentic mushroom soup. And there were also biscuits to dip into the illy coffee, which was fragrant without being overly thick.


Had a wide range of pastas to choose from, and after asking the waitress a bit, decided to top up another $0.90 for a Prawn Aglio Olio (rather than the Lemon Prawn Parppadelle – which is pasta with grilled prawns, parppadelle, tomatoes and a tinge of lemon, was afraid it would taste too lemon-y).

As I had read from previous online reviews that their pastas are freshly made, it feels really light and soft to the tastebud (a bit similar to the Hokkaido style pasta that I tried at Dulcet & Studio). Even though it was an aglio olio seasoning, it was not overly garlic-oil heavy (if you get what I mean) – as the seasoning is just light enough without over-powering the freshness of the pasta and the prawns. And given that it was a set meal, the portion of prawns and pasta were really generous as well.

As part of their set promotions, they also offered truffle fries (highly raved about in many online reviews) and an olive oil brownie as their dessert of month at a special price of $5.90 with the purchase of any set meal. Wouldn’t have minded having an additional dessert, but just didn’t fancy having anything olive-oil based …… and I felt that the meal itself, together with soup and coffee were just nice without being overly heavy.

Great, value-for-money food at reasonable prices. Why did we (me, L & TL) eat at MOF last Saturday instead? We should have come here instead, lesser crowd, nicer ambience and better food for similar/cheap prices we paid at MOF. In any case, am very satisfied with my food, and will be back to check out more of Platypus’s menu, particularly the truffle fries!


Platypus Kitchen
200 Victoria Street #03-29/29A
Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021
Tel: +65 6333 4434
Daily 12 noon – 10 pm


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