Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move

Rather than do a travel-based entry in line with the theme, decided instead to intepret it from another perspective.

Took a much-needed ‘break’ from office just on Friday and went with the fam to Resorts World Sentosa to check out the S.E.A Aquarium courtesty of some complimentary tickets.

So basically, it was a lot of different species of fishes/sea creatures that were ‘on the move’ in various settings!

One of my favourites were the sea jellyfish display (under the Ocean Journey Zone). Apart from one big tank where the jellyfish changes colour (from white to blue to green to yellow and back to white), there were a few other displays of jellyfish in various colours. Compiled them into 1 collage using Instamag and subsequently posted on Instragram and Facebook ……


By far one of my favourite displays in teh entire aquarium.

Another picture that is also one of my favorites. Basically it’s a stream of fish moving towards one direction in perfect lines.


The original daily post challenge can be found here.


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